Sleepy Joe Openly Caught Stealing From President Trump!

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There are many aware that Joe Biden has a tendency to plagiarise a lot of his speeches.

Well, that is according to many who have worked with him over the years, and it appears that has not changed one bit.

Ok, maybe Biden is not writing his own speeches, but we sure as heck know that his “handlers” are, and people noticed it.


In fact, just recently, Biden’s latest theft was actually from President Trump, and we are not just talking about the 2020 election.

The Biden team has also stolen and destroyed the economy and now it appears Trump’s speeches too.

During the STOU speech, many people noticed an odd similarity between President Trump and Biden’s most poignant speech moment.

No, it wasn’t the time that Biden was mumbling like a complete moron for the entire world to see, but it was the one time he was actually coherent.

It was actually the best moment of the night, and it wasn’t his at all, but Trump’s.

At least, that is what a lot of people are saying.


Now, it does appear that it was plagiarism, but I am going to hand it over to you to be the judge.

You can watch the video below:

It does seem like a complete ripoff, but sadly for Biden, it did not carry as much power or weight as it did when Trump said it.

Especially when you consider he struggled to get one coherent sentence out during that disastrous speech.

Though it is not just me and some people on the internet talking.


Here is what Wayne Dupree had to say about it:

Uber-liberal Yahoo News reported that it’s common for slightly cynical pundits to remark that no one remembers a State of the Union speech 48 hours after it ends. In the case of the State of the Union President Joe Biden delivered Tuesday night to a joint session of Congress, I suspect the afterglow will last barely more than 24.

The 2022 State of the Union was a mediocre speech poorly delivered. To say so isn’t entirely fair: The elderly Biden’s halting manner of speaking, marked by malapropisms and smudged syllables, hasn’t been the kind of political liability professional word-slingers like myself always presume it to be. Yet last night was filled with even more flubs than usual, with the lowlight coming early on when the president predicted (no doubt accurately) that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would ensure the Russian president never wins “the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”

It’s also somewhat churlish to criticize any State of the Union for rhetorical mediocrity. The annual address has long been little more than a laundry list of legislative priorities tied together with bromides and pedestrian civic flattery. (Is the state of the American union ever anything other than “strong” or some slight variation of it?)

That’s a pretty brutal review, and it’s especially bad when you consider the source.

But how could anyone, with a straight face, actually say that speech wasn’t a disaster?

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