Racist New York Times Wants Blacks to Move South


(Corine Gatti, Headline USA) New York Times columnist Charles Blow suggested that black Americans should leave Northern cities and move to the South in order to become a voting majority and gain more political power in a recent audio essay. 

Although Blow framed it as a ploy for advancing black political power, some saw in it a racist subtext to rid the Big Apple of its minority population, fresh off the heels of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s recent declarations that it had reached its critical mass of illegal immigrants.

Other critics might see what amounts to a back-door effort by the leftist Blow to push the controversial “Great Replacement,” even as the Left has fervently denied any such intentions in the Biden administration’s open-borders policies.

The theory posits that left-wing globalists are using migrants—or, in Blow’s example, non-white voters in general—to advance a radical Marxist agenda that is antithetical to American values but could cause U.S. democracy itself to implode inward once the majority of voters supports its dissolution.

New York City may be a prime example as the migrant crisis has reached its breaking point, with up to 300 newly arrived illegals sleeping on the sidewalk outside the processing center in midtown Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

Adams explained recently that the city has run out of room in its emergency shelters, having received nearly 100,000 immigrants since last year.

The influx of illegals has, at times, created tensions with the city’s own residents in need, who have crucial social-service resources transferred to address the immigration crisis even as inflation continues to devastate many in the inner city.

Last fall in New York City, black Americans were removed from their shelter to be replaced by illegal aliens. “I have no idea why we are being displaced for them,” one woman said. “Why we are being moved and shuffled around?”

In his essay, Blow argued to black readers that there was no way to truly have power in the country if they do not also have access to state power.

But in reality, they are being pushed out of the Empire State by soft-on-crime policies, taxes and the lack of affordable housing under liberal rule.

“And there is right now no state in the country where black people are a majority and not one where they are projected to be a majority. And that powerlessness is something that I detest,” Blow said.

But apparently telling people where they should move does empower them.

It could be many blacks and many other people are being forced out of democratic-run cities like New York due to outrageous taxes, rents, and the ability and to live in peace in the crime-infested city. The black population in the city has decreased by 9% in the last two decades, only one in five residents are non-Hispanic Black, compared to one in four in 2000, the Times reported in an earlier piece. 

The leftist politicians in New York City claimed to have the best intentions and yet, the existing African American residents are ignored, dismissed and told to leave their homes — a blatant racist message to empower the elite.

Instead of addressing the socioeconomic issues plaguing the black community, the Leftists suggested they simply move to conservative states, as elitist Blow suggested in his essay. Dressing the Great Reset as empowerment is another liberal lie and dirty secret that would reduce the black population in the city.

The Great Reset poses a major threat to capitalism and individual rights. It may not have gained widespread attention yet, but it is as dangerous as the collapse of the Soviet Union. It seems, a few key facts are just not fit to print when they don’t fit the liberal narrative at the Times.