Aides on Eggshells as Biden Obsesses over Negative Coverage of Hunter Scandals


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) According to sources inside the White House, President Joe Biden has become increasingly obsessed with his son Hunter’s ongoing scandals, and the president is refusing to talk about it with aides, Red State reported.

CNN’s John Avlon dropped the bombshell in a TV appearance on Thursday.

“There’s deep reluctance, as this reporting shows, to raise this with President Biden because he has stuck by his sole surviving son—and he will,” Avlon noted.

“And in private also, I’ve heard reports that he’s very obsessed with the negative coverage of Hunter. He’s concerned about it, it’s an irritant.”

According to Avlon, though the president’s predicament is “understandable,” it comes with other negative consequences.

The topic, which Biden will eventually have to address in public, is “not one that allies around him want to raise because it will derail a conversation,” Avlon continued.

The refusal to engage in conversations regarding the ongoing trial could have serious consequences on the campaign trail, where the ageing president will have to try to prove himself.

“Hunter Biden is not a topic of discussion in campaign meetings,” a senior aide told CNN. “It’s just not addressed.”

Of course, the difficulty for the president is not merely the scandal with his son. The findings in the ongoing trial could implicate the president as well, and further tarnish his already foundering political legacy.

Testimony from Hunter Biden’s former best friend, Devon Archer, for example, revealed that the younger Biden would routinely loop his father—then vice president—into business phone calls with his foreign business partners

In any case, it appears that Hunter will continue to run into difficulties in court, especially in the wake of his recently collapsed plea bargain attempt.

Things have gotten so bad for Hunter that even his lawyer jumped ship.