Professor Fired for Machete Attack, Terminated from New Job over Anti-Semitism


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A New York professor, infamous for her erratic behavior and alleged threats with a machete, has been terminated from her latest position due to controversial “‘Zionists’” posts, the New York Post reported on Saturday. 

Cooper Union, a private college in New York City, dismissed Shellyne Rodriguez after hiring her despite a notorious history that included insulting pro-life students and facing charges for menacing reporters with a machete.

“Cooper Union has fired me because of a social media post I made about ‘Zionists’ … effective immediately,” Rodriguez declared in an alleged email to her students, as reported by the NY Post.

“The role of artists in society is to hold up a mirror and SPEAK TRUTH,” she added. “This is fascism. Y’all learning about it in real time. Stay strong, stave brave [sic], stay defiant, don’t bite your tongue, and drink plenty of water!”

The college did not disclose the reason for the professor’s termination to the NY Post. However, Rodriguez admitted that she was axed due to “public comments about ‘Zionists.’”

The contentious professor had allegedly criticized a flyer advertising a pro-Israel meeting organized by the non-profit Pro Israel Action, ridiculing it with cockroaches. The non-profit featured former Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz as a speaker, provoking Rodriguez’s remarks.

“Look at this dirty fucking roach former bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. a Zionist lapdog,” the professor posted on her Instagram account, according to the NY Post.

Rodriguez gained notoriety in 2023 for reportedly verbally attacking pro-life students distributing anti-abortion flyers at Hunter College, where she was employed. When confronted by NY Post reporters at her home, she brandished a machete, placing it next to the reporter’s neck.

Video footage of the incident depicted Rodriguez chasing the reporter down the street of her apartment building. 

Subsequently, the NYPD arrested Rodriguez on menacing harassment charges related to her actions towards a NY Post reporter. Hunter College terminated her employment, but she was later hired by Cooper, seemingly overlooking her tumultuous past.