‘Nothing Unusual’: David Weiss’s Ties to Biden Family Emerge in Report


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) U.S. District Attorney David Weiss and President Joe Biden’s oldest son, the late Beau, had a working relationship years before Weiss would unleash a criminal probe into Hunter Biden.

The ties between the two attorneys date back to Beau’s time as the attorney general of the state of Delaware, a role he held from 2007 until his untimely death in 2015.

According to a lengthy report from the leftist Washington Post, Weiss, who then served as an assistant attorney in the U.S. district attorney’s office of Delaware, held constant communications with Beau in connection with several criminal cases.  

The relationship was confirmed by Tim Mullaney Sr., a former chief of staff to Beau, in an interview with the newspaper. 

“We are always working hand-in-glove with federal government; there’s nothing unusual about that,” Mullaney Sr. admitted, dismissing potential allegations that Weiss is too connected to the Biden family. 

Mullaney Sr. added that it is unlikely that Beau and Weiss had a relationship outside of work. “Everybody knows everybody in Delaware, and it wasn’t unusual to see [Joe Biden] at the bookstore, the ice cream shop. It is normal,” he claimed. 

As reported by the Washington Post, several prominent Republican leaders have highlighted that Weiss, a Democrat, was hand-picked by the two Democratic U.S. senators to serve as district attorney during the Trump administration. 

Former President Donald Trump warned on August 11 that he did not pick Weiss to serve as attorney general, despite signing off the recommendation of the two Democrat senators. “David Weiss was picked by the two Democrat Senators from Delaware under ‘Blue Slip.’ He would not have been picked by me,” Trump said on Truth Social.

Trump’s remarks were echoed by his supporters in the U.S. Congress. “Mr. Weiss has been compromised,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., in an interview with Fox News. A spokesperson for House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, echoed these remarks, telling the Washington Post that Weiss “can’t be trusted.”

The Washington Post’s report comes a week after Attorney General Merrick Garland elevated Weiss to special counsel, giving him the authority to potentially file charges against Hunter outside of Delaware.

Weiss requested the elevation shortly after the rupture of what several Republicans deemed a “sweetheart deal” that gave Hunter no jail time for tax charges.

Weiss was sworn in as district attorney for Delaware in 2018 and was allowed to stay in the role once Biden took over the White House in 2021.