More Dems. Rip Biden’s Border Chaos: ‘The Guy’s Running for President’ 


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Amid mounting disgust within the Democratic Party over the ongoing border crisis, prominent Democrats from Massachusetts have joined the chorus of criticism against President Joe Biden. 

The state’s Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Ron Mariano and Gov. Maura Healey, are now demanding immediate action from the Biden administration. 

“The guy’s running for president. He better start paying attention to this,” Mariano told reporters, according to Politico. “We need to put a framework around this from the feds. We need someone to take charge of this and say, ‘This is what you can expect.’” 

Healey, who also sits on Biden’s campaign advisory board, echoed Mariano’s sentiments. “We need two things from the Biden administration: We need federal funding and we need expedited work authorizations.” 

Seemingly anticipating no action, Mariano expressed hope that the upcoming cold weather might deter illegal aliens from crossing the border

“The hope is — and it’s only a prayer — that cold weather slows the flow of the families coming over the border. But we’re not even sure if that will work,” he added on Thursday morning. “Unless we get help, we are going to have some difficulties.” 

The concerns raised by Massachusetts officials come as their state’s shelter system struggles to cope with an overwhelming influx of illegal aliens. According to Politico, Massachusetts is currently housing approximately 6,700 families, with nearly half of them comprising illegal aliens. 

The growing frustration within the Democratic Party is not limited to Massachusetts alone. Several Democratic-governed cities, including New York City and Chicago, are grappling with the consequences of the border crisis. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams made a visit to Mexico in an attempt to dissuade potential illegal border crossers 

“We are neighbors. We are familia. Mi casa es su casa. Your struggles are my struggles,” Adam told Mexican nationals according to the Associated Press.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson also voiced his concerns as his city faces an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens. “They’re sending buses in the middle of the night. And so that number continues to change throughout the day,” he said. “It could be as many as 22 today.” Brandon too will travel to the southern border to survey the chaos. 

In a separate development, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul called on Biden to take action to close the border

“We want them to have a limit on who can come across the border. It is too open right now,” Hochul said during an Oct. 1 interview with CBS News.