Biden Allies, Donors Panicking of ‘Third Party’ Spoilers in 2024 Election


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) President Joe Biden’s allies and donors are reportedly freaking out about the possibility of third-party candidates disrupting the president’s 2024 re-election campaign, according to Politico on Friday. 

One prominent donor expressing concern is LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Donors like Hoffman are closely watching a PAC called “No Labels,” which has allegedly amassed financial backing in a bid to ensure that third-party candidates gain access to the 2024 ballots. 

The worry among Biden’s supporters is that these third-party candidates could siphon off crucial votes, potentially jeopardizing the scandal-ridden president’s chances of securing a second term. These concern coincide with scathingly low polls and a series of scandals plaguing the White House.

Matt Bennett, the co-founder of Third Way, echoed these concerns during an interview with Politico. “Biden wins a head-to-head with Trump, so as long as we can hand him that, he can win. But [third-party candidates] will make it very hard,” Bennett said. “People are very focused on this threat.” 

Even Biden’s own pollster, John Della Volpe, acknowledged the potential for former President Donald Trump to mount a successful 2024 bid with the assistance of third-party candidates.

“I think it’s exceedingly difficult for Trump to win a traditional campaign against Biden so, like 2016, the only path for his victory is with help from third parties and outside actors,” Volpe said. “Right now, the group of potential Independent Party candidates are more likely, as a group, to hurt Biden than Trump.” 

Adding to the concern is the possibility of a bid by Democrat Robert F. Kennedy. Reports suggest that RFK Jr.’s PAC is actively preparing for an independent run, intensifying the unease among Democrats. 

But purported polls find that RFK Jr. poses a bigger threat to Trump. In a recent interview with comedian Theo Von on Sept. 25, Kennedy Jr. hinted at the impact he could have on the race, saying, “I take more votes from President Trump than I do from President Biden.”

In response to these worries, a Trump ally revealed to Semafor that the Trump campaign is clandestinely gearing up to target Kennedy Jr. 

“We’re gonna be dropping napalm after napalm on his head reminding the public of his very liberal views, dating back to 2012.”