Liberals Melt Down After Discovering This Picture Taken At Mar-a-Lago…..

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We all know that most celebrities are a part of the “woke” cult by now.

Just look at their actions during the pandemic if you were still unsure at all.

Though when you dig deeper, you will discover another layer within this cult.


That cult is derived from another cult of celebrity worshippers who obsess over their every move.

When the latter cult finds out that one of their precious celebrities doesn’t actually subscribe to their way of thinking, they tend to freak out.

We have seen this time and time again.
Remember when Nicki Minaj dared to question the COVID vaccine?
It was a total uproar on Twitter and other social media platforms.
If I do remember correctly, I believe Nicki even spoke on the phone with Joe Biden to “clear up her confusion”.


Well, it has happened again yesterday as Kelsey Grammer has been trending on Twitter, and for what atrocity did he commit?

Well, because of a photograph that went viral showing him at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

The meltdown began after these pictures of Grammer at the resort hit Twitter:



Here are some of the most cringe reactions from triggered liberals:

Do these people not actually have anything better to do other than freak out over people being conservative?

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8 thoughts on “Liberals Melt Down After Discovering This Picture Taken At Mar-a-Lago…..

  1. See what Hollywood does, maybe time to Dump Hollywood for new locale
    & turn city into a Museum to the Glory days of TV & Movies: 1950-1990

  2. The tolerant Left. No others like them. If this isn’t cult behavior. When someone tries to leave a cult, they are discredited, hounded, hunted down. Same treatment the Left gives those who disagree with them.

  3. For those not paying attention — being a “Trumper” is believing in freedom and liberty, lower taxes for all, fewer regulations and less government intervention in our lives. If you’re not a Trumper — you’re controlled!

  4. Pro-Trump ? What we actually have is evidence that Kelsey likes pretty girls, and luxury resorts. Success , in his profession, allows him to enjoy the good life. He can afford it. He can also afford to ignore WOKE hatred. By the way, Ellen DeGeneres, who is liberal as hell, enjoys the same things.
    In Latin, the appropriate phrase is ” te ipsum futuis “.

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