Leaked Footage Exposes How Turkish Smugglers Are Helping Flood Our Border.. [VIDEO]


A comprehensive investigation has uncovered evidence suggesting that Turkish smugglers are exploiting social media platforms, specifically Telegram and TikTok, to facilitate the illegal entry of migrants into the United States via the southern border.

The disturbing trend involves advertisements on these platforms that offer comprehensive arrangements for travel, visas, and transportation directly to the U.S.-Mexico border. Targeting migrants from various regions, including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, these advertisements have raised concerns about the growing influence of smuggling networks on global social media.

Border Patrol encounters with migrants illegally crossing the southern border have reached alarming levels in recent years, surpassing 2.2 million encounters in fiscal year 2022 and exceeding 2 million in fiscal year 2023, according to federal data.

One prominent smuggling advertisement on Telegram boldly promises a “GUARANTEED PASS” for a fee of $10,000. This package includes a flight from Istanbul to Cancun, a Mexican visa, “CANCUN ENTRANCE,” accommodation in a hotel, transportation by taxi, and “DELIVERY TO TIJUANA BORDER.”

The Telegram channels hosting these advertisements boast thousands of members and feature videos and messages where migrants express gratitude to specific individuals. Passports stamped by Mexican authorities are showcased, providing evidence of successful entries facilitated by these networks.

The testimonies captured in videos on platforms like TikTok paint a troubling picture. In one such video, a man expresses gratitude at the U.S. border, specifically thanking someone named “Volkan,” a Turkish name. Another video shows a man seemingly walking across the border, emphasizing that “Volkan” has the ability to facilitate entry into the U.S., even when it seems impossible.

Both “Volkan” and another Turkish name, “Burak,” emerge in Telegram messages. In a private conversation between the Daily Caller News Foundation and an individual identified as “Burak,” the alleged smuggler admits to assisting people worldwide in entering the U.S. This assistance involves obtaining Mexican visas or coordinating travel through Nicaragua or El Salvador.

However, when questioned by the Daily Caller News Foundation, “Burak” expressed suspicion, suggesting that the inquiries resembled those of a “police officer.” Notably, the communication occurred in Turkish, necessitating translation by the news foundation.

This revelation highlights the disturbing intersection of human smuggling networks and social media platforms, emphasizing the urgent need for increased vigilance and international cooperation to counteract these illicit activities.