Jewish Teacher Punished for Reporting Muslim Student Who Praised Hitler


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A Maryland school system knowingly used false information to punish a Jewish teacher for reporting to her principal about a pro-Palestinian walkout of students praising Adolf Hitler and calling for the death of Jews.

Paint Branch High School Principal Pam Krawczel gave excused absences to students to walk out of class in protest of Israel in January 2024, praising them despite the Muslim Student Association (MSA) faculty sponsor informing her that some of the students made violent and genocidal remarks, according to the Daily Wire.

Krawczel then falsely suggested that the MSA faculty sponsor, Brooke Meshel, was the Daily Wire’s source, doxxed a child and took a photograph of students.

Krawczel summoned Meshel and drafted a “Summary of Concern” memo for her file, expressing “concern about the article posted in the Daily Wire in which Ms. Meshel was said to be the source,” the Wire wrote.

Krawczel ordered Meshel to “reflect on the meeting,” stating that she could not serve as the sponsor of MSA, interact with any students in the MSA and post any pictures of PBHS students.

As evidence that Meshel was the source, Krawczel cited an unnamed collection of students who told her that “Meshel had provided information to the writers” and told the news source that “the whole event was anti-Semitic,” neither of which occurred, the Wire reported.

In addition to that, in the letter, the principal suggested that Meshel was to blame for the article mentioning the name of the student who allegedly made the Hitler comment, even though it was an email from Assistant Principal Tim Bangerd who used the student’s first name.

The letter also relied on the statement from a student that stated that the Wire took the photo of the student without permission.

A lawyer representing the teacher named David Felsen wrote to Krawczel to accuse him of knowingly misrepresenting the facts on Feb. 5, 2024, according to the materials that were obtained by the news source.

“[It is] unclear why PBHS administrators would knowingly and falsely sacrifice Ms. Meshel when simply stating the truth and standing up for an MCPS teacher would have fostered community understanding instead of facilitating the rancor and pain that now exists,” the letter said.