It Is Not Joe Biden You’re Seeing! Watch The Indisputable Proof! [VIDEO]

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Since last November, when the Democrats stole the election from President Trump we all knew it was going to start getting REAL interesting and we haven’t been let down. Each day there has been a new plot twist, more questions, and a growing desire to root out the swamp creatures that have taken over our government.

Over the last several weeks, since Biden was installed into the “White House” as president there have been many strange things happening in the Washington D.C, area that has informed citizens questioning the “official” narrative. For example, many people have noticed that the lights have remained off at the White House, the military presence in the metro area has not gone away, and there are several fences with barbed wire surrounding buildings.

One journalist, who is in the area has stated that D.C. is essentially a ghost town beside some stragglers so what is going on?

Whether it’s indisputable or undisputable, it really doesn’t matter. This video proof shows how easy it is to fool anybody, even you.

Actors are definitely playing Joe Biden and are being paid top dollar by the Cabal for their part in Crimes Against Humanity.

 It just looks like that is not his face at all or there is some sort of covering over him to disguise Biden or the actor that is supposed to be playing Biden?
I know that sounds hard to believe but with everything we have encountered over the last few months, we have to question everything that is being presented to us.
What do you think?

5 thoughts on “It Is Not Joe Biden You’re Seeing! Watch The Indisputable Proof! [VIDEO]

  1. This does not surprise me and suspected the possibility Since the beginning of the running for office. When he was hiding in the basement, Not showing up at the rallies. Since being PUT into office he does not do much work, statements , public appearances in the OVAL OFFICE ! ! ! !
    All in the new little special office made up for him?

  2. It is amazing the things they can do these days. It still begs the question of why if they are using a fake Biden then why are they presenting him as an incompetent fool who has dementia? I mean wouldn’t it work better if they presented him as someone who is in control of all his facilities?

  3. Definitely NOT Biden (real one executed a long time ago). Not real clear on who is directing the actor Biden-have heard the whitehats. At any rate his demise is coming soon-whatever the “movie” calls for so Trump can officially be shown as the true POTUS!

  4. They use to find someone with a strong resemblance to a dictator or whoever. Now they can use this very realistic mask do fill in. No doubt Pedo Joe..Lost in Space..Biden is hiden while his stand in fill’s in.

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