Iowans Call on GOP Gov. to Remove Satanic Display from Capitol


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Christians in Iowa started asking government officials why a monument to Satan was erected in the state capitol building right before Christmas, demanding Gov. Kim Reynolds, R-Iowa, to get rid of the Satanic statue.

The outrage started a week ago when a group called the Satanic Temple of Iowa was given permission from the state to erect an altar on the first floor of the capitol, according to the Todd Starnes Show.

Some Republicans even tried to defend the Satanists by claiming that they have a supposed constitutional right to display their evil altar in the building.

“My observation as an Iowan and a State Representative, I don’t want the state evaluating and making determinations about religions. I am guided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. If the government picks and chooses religious expressions, someday they will use it against Christian expressions. We are not a theocracy,” State Rep. Jon Dunwell wrote.

The self-proclaimed minister then continued defending Satanists.

“I would rather have no displays than government selecting religions. The power of Christianity is Christ who lives in us. Not having the government tear down other religious displays (even the evil ones). We are not Israel,” he wrote.

For this, he received pushback from the actual Christians.

“I am literally not reading any of that but to give quarter to the enemies of God is pathetic and contemptible,” one person replied in the comments under his post, referring to his extremely long defense of those whom he, as a Christian, is supposed to oppose.

Other politicians, who also happened to be real Christians, also opposed the erection of the idol, demanding Gov. Reynolds to order the removal of the altar from the building.

“It is a tortured and twisted interpretation of the law that affords Satan, who is universally understood to be the enemy of God, religious expression equal to God in an institution of government that depends upon God for continued blessings. Such a legal view not only violates the very foundation of our State Constitution, but it offends the God upon whom we depend and undermines our wellbeing,” State Rep. Brad Sherman, R-Iowa, said.

He then continued defending Christianity.

“[To] allow satanic expression in the State Capitol and other public property is to surrender to Satan’s demands for equality with God. I am calling for our governor to have this blasphemous display removed immediately based on the grounds that it is unconstitutional and offends God upon whom the State of Iowa depends for blessings,” he wrote.