Hunter Biden’s Psychiatrist Talks about DEA Raiding Him, Confiscating ‘Laptop from Hell’


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Dr. Keith Ablow, who once was Hunter Biden’s psychiatrist, broke his silence on the matter Tuesday in an interview with conservative broadcaster Tucker Carlson.

Among other topics, Ablow recounted a now-mostly forgotten incident where the Drug Enforcement Administration raided his office in February 2020. During that raid, the DEA confiscated Hunter’s laptop, he said.

“I can’t say why these things were taken or why I was raided, but laptop was one of the things taken,” Ablow, who has also contributed to Fox News, told Carlson. “He leaves laptop places. Even though I told him to pick it up, he didn’t. and so there it was, and it was taken.”

When it was revealed in 2020 that Ablow had treated Hunter, some of Biden’s defenders accused the psychiatrist of orchestrating the laptop scandal.

Hunter’s “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, alleged that Trump ally Roger Stone and his lawyer, Tyler Nixon, masterminded a plot with Ablow and Mac Isaac to create “clones” of the laptop left in Newburyport to damage Joe before the 2020 election. The DEA raid disproves that theory, Ablow said.

Ablow also took flak from conservatives, who accused him of colluding with Hunter and withholding the laptop. Ablow told Carlson that he didn’t make Hunter’s laptop public because he owed the President’s son a duty of confidentiality. He said he knew many of Hunter’s dark secrets, but he vowed to take them with him to his grave.

Along with the laptop, Ablow said the DEA confiscated his firearms. Apparently, a “disgruntled assistant” ratted on him and told the DEA he stored the guns improperly.

The DEA still has those firearms, even though Ablow has not been charged or convicted of a crime. Ablow said he’s still under federal investigation, though he doesn’t know for what.

Ablow added that the DEA thought it was about to charge him for illicit drugs.

During the February 2020 raid, agents found a vial with blue powder in his desk. Ablow told the agents “it’s a long story” how the blue powder got there—to which the agent replied, “it always is.”

“I said, ‘You see that carved bear on my desk. That bear was given to me by a Native American chief that I treated. He said if I feed it ground-up turquois stone, that I will get courage from the bear. And that there is what you have in your hand,’” Ablow said.

“Take it and test it, but the agent said, ‘Even you can’t come up with a story that fast. It’s too weird to be fake.’ But when a Native American chief gives you a bear and tells you to feed it turquois stone ground up, that’s what you do. You don’t want to mess with that kind of juju.”

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