Biden Claims Trump is the One Suffering From Mental Decline, Not Him


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On Monday, Joe Biden dedicated much of his time to a campaign event in New York, enjoying some ice cream at a Van Leeuwen shop and sharing laughs with late-night comedian Seth Meyers, all while concerns about World War 3 continue to grow.

Biden, aged 81, unexpectedly showed up on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” during his trip to New York.

During the appearance, he ironically asserted that it is Trump who is experiencing mental decline, not himself.

This tactic of projecting Biden’s clear cognitive issues onto Trump is a new strategy by the Democrat-media complex.

“Take a look at the other guy. He is about as old as I am, but he can’t remember his wife’s name,” 81-year-old Biden said of 77-year-old Trump.

“They told us we couldn’t get ’em done ’cause things were so divided and, but I think everything’s everything we’ve gotten done. He’s just friendly state he wants to do away with, he gets elected and I really think his views on where to take America are older than… anyway,” Biden said losing his train of thought.


Trump did not mistakenly forget his wife’s name, despite false reports. He was actually referring to Mercedes Schlapp from CPAC, who was seated in front of him, after mentioning Melania.


Biden struggled to speak.

“I was asked by Xi Jinping when I was in the Tibetan mountains with him…” Biden said repeating one of his favorite lies.


Biden forgot what year it is.

“What’s your 2024 agenda?” Seth Meyers asked Biden.

“Look, the 2020 agenda is to finish the job,” Biden said.


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