HOLY COW! Biden Finally Admitted Life In His America Is AWFUL!

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It must be a cold day in hell for Joe Biden to admit that he is to blame for the issues in our country, but maybe that day has happened, right?

Ok, Biden is not taking the blame as we would like him too but he is blaming his horrible approval numbers on high gas prices and COVID.

I guess that is a start.

Earlier this week, Biden had a surprise interview with a local TV news station in Cincinnati where he made this stunning admission.

Kyle Inskeep and anchor at WKRC-TV, a smaller market journalist asked some pretty big questions that larger network anchors have shied away from.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting, I really am,” Biden told Inskeep to begin the interview, which was mostly focused on the newly passed $1 trillion “infrastructure bill”  that Democrats and RINOs just crammed down the throat of the American people.

Biden assured Inskeep that his viewers in Ohio and northern Kentucky would see plenty of federal cash for bridges and roads.

But the reporter, to his credit, wasn’t content with letting Biden ramble on and on about his plans to further hyperinflation. He asked substantive questions.

Infrastructure projects “are going to be impacted in some way by these global supply chain issues that all of us are being impacted by,” Inskeep noted.

“What is your administration doing on the front end to really mitigate or lessen these impacts?” he asked.

Biden noted that there is indeed a shortage of everything from “foodstuffs” to “semiconductors” before droning on about how he’s gotten port workers to offload ships 24 hours a day. He claimed that his infrastructure bill will work to reduce supply chain gaps “not just now, but in the future.”

Biden kept rambling on and on about jobs, while Inskeep let him talk, maybe he was waiting for an opening so he could shoot his shot.

Well, that patience paid off cause that opening happened and Inskeep took that time to bring up Biden’s horrific poll numbers.

“I want to turn to your polling really quickly here. The latest polling from USA Today has your approval rating at 38 percent,” said Inskeep. “A new CNN poll shows 58 percent of Americans believe that you aren’t not paying enough attention to the nation’s most important issues.

“I’m wondering when you combine that with the election results we saw last week. Is this giving you kind of a sign that maybe you need to recalibrate some of your administration’s priorities as you approach that one-year mark in office?” he asked.

“I didn’t run because of the polls,” Biden said, adding that he believes universal pre-K and other handouts in his yet-to-be-passed, now $1.75 trillion Build Back Better bill will turn it all around.

Then Biden admitted that he’s presiding over a country that is terrified and rudderless.

“Look… a lot of people are worried. Think about this. Look, what, 750,000 people have died because of COVID,” he said. “The psychological scars that has put on so many people. Schools have not been open because of COVID, and they’re just getting open again.

“We’re in a situation where there’s a lot, a lot of anxiety,” he admitted. “Gas prices are up, exceedingly high. They’ve been up this high before, but not recently. That’s why I have the attorney general taking a look at whether or not these gas companies are gouging people — because, although the price of oil is coming down some, the price of gas hasn’t come down some.

“So there’s a lot of things that have people, that are really, a great deal of anxiety, a great deal of concern,” he also said.

What are the odds Biden is never allowed to speak to Inskeep again?

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