GOP Imposter Caught Deleting Pro-Biden, -DEI Tweets in Mich. Race


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A new Republican House candidate who wishes to replace retiring Rep. Dan Kildee, D–Mich., previously pushed for the implementation of DEI policies and praised Joe Biden’s administration in since-deleted tweets.

Mary Draves, the former Chief Sustainability Officer at DOW, has promoted DEI practices in the workplace as recently as February 2024 and welcomed the Biden administration’s decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement, a climate treaty that conservatives have denounced, in January 2021, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

In January 2024, workplace training company Skillsoft published an interview with Draves, during which she talked about her support of DEI.

“When I talk to young people looking for jobs, there are a couple of things that they ask me very consistently. One is, ‘What are the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programs?’” Draves said.

In February 2024, Skillsoft posted an explainer of Draves’ DEI suggestions on social media, like implementing “inclusive policies and practices,” “actively work[ing] to create diverse teams” and “reward[ing] individuals and teams that actively contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace.”

Draves’s campaign tried to defend her by arguing that she “has supported Republicans for decades, contributing tens of thousands to help elect strong conservatives who can win,” according to the statement to the Daily Caller.

“This is just another desperate smear from the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and California Paul Junge teaming up to help elect Democrats. Mary remains committed to calling out the failures of the Biden agenda that are crushing Michigan’s working families,” Draves’s campaign spokesman Carter Houtman said.

However, this explanation doesn’t make sense, considering that she was making these remarks, while also promoting “climate change” ideology and praising Joe Biden in her now-deleted tweets — another sign of Draves and her campaign team trying to get rid of the evidence.

“Addressing [climate change] is one of the major challenges in achieving a sustainable future. We need national policies that support [innovation] and [investment] to protect the climate and move our nation to a [net zero] economy,” Draves wrote.