Google Floods Its News Service w/ Nonsensical AI-Generated Articles


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) It was recently reported that one of the Big Tech giants, Google, is now boosting nonsense AI-generated articles that are ripping off other outlets on its Google News service.

According to a report by 404 Media, if the company is not purposefully clogging the internet with the garbage content that is made by AI, it is a sign that Google’s black box algorithms can be gamed by scheming profiteers.

While the rip-off articles that are generated by AI make their way into Google News results, the tech giant agrees with this approach by saying that it is not concerned about whether a human being or AI writes an article.

In addition to that, the tech company informed 404 Media that while it tries to counter spam on Google News, it doesn’t focus on how an article is created.

This attitude paved the way for more news articles that are generated by AI to reach the top of search results and, therefore, accidentally be viewed by readers and wrongfully perceived as content that was authentically created by humans.

AI-generated news articles on Google News signal that “the black box nature of Google News, with entry into Google News’ rankings in the first place an opaque, but apparently gameable, system,” the news source wrote.

The outlet also added that Google “may not be ready for moderating its News service in the age of consumer-access AI, where essentially anyone is able to churn out a mass of content with little to no regard for its quality or originality.”

“I want to read the original stories written by journalists who actually researched them and spoke to primary sources. Any news junkie would,” ghostwriter Brian Penny, who first flagged the AI-generated articles to 404 Media, said.

Breitbart previously reported that the ever-increasing presence and popularity of AI has been threatening multiple industries, with people fearing that it will take over and ultimately replace human beings with computer-generated content.