Barrett, Roberts Face Backlash for Decision Against Razor Wire at Border


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Critics have lambasted the Supreme Court for the controversial decision to grant an emergency request by the Biden administration related to razor wire placed by Texas authorities.

In a 5-4 Monday vote, the Court lifted an injunction order that had blocked Border Patrol from removing border barriers and entering areas designated by Texas authorities to control the flow of rampant illegal immigration affecting Texas.

Surprisingly, conservative Justices Amy Coney Barrett and John Roberts aligned with the court’s liberal minority to empower federal authorities in thwarting what Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has described as a tool to deter illegal aliens from freely crossing the southern border.

The order did not explain the justices’ rationale, allowing Border Patrol agents to cut through the wire as an appeals court hears the case. The Court could later hear the case.

Responding to the order, Andrew Mahaleris, a spokesperson for Abbott said that removing the wire makes the job of Texas officers more difficult.

“The absence of razor wire and other deterrence strategies encourages migrants to make unsafe and illegal crossings between ports of entry, while making the job of Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers more dangerous and difficult,” Mahaleris said, according to the Texas Tribune

“This case is ongoing, and Governor Abbott will continue fighting to defend Texas’ property and its constitutional authority to secure the border,” he added. 

On Twitter, several individuals criticized the Court’s decision to block the injunction.  

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, “Texas is trying to enforce our laws and uphold our sovereignty while the federal government is disregarding the law and ignoring its responsibility to protect our borders.”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley highlighted Barrett’s and Roberts’s decision to join the liberal minority, a stark contrast to the harrowing picture painted by the left, which in recent years has called for packing the Court over claims of partisanship.

“[A]ll you hear from Democratic pundits and professors is the blind bias of the Court and its robotic majority. Conservative justices have repeatedly supported the Biden Administration or opposed Trump positions when they felt the law warranted such decisions,” Turley said.

Barrett and Roberts drew fire for siding with the minority in blocking the injunction: