Gaza Video Shows Residents Destroying Aid, Claiming Meals Too Stale, Expired


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A disturbing video emerged on Friday depicting what critics described as Gazans reportedly complaining that donated food has expired and is too stale to eat.

The video reached over a million views and shows young Gazans throwing nutritional bars on the ground, as well as torn boxes and wasted food. 

Other emerging videos show that the nutritional bars were sent by the World Food Program, an agency housed within the United Nations, which in recent weeks has shown support for Palestinians

CNBC appeared to confirm the reports in a Saturday report, highlighting that Gazans are complaining that they are unable to locate food and that those that arrived “has already expired or will expire before it can reach people in need.”

As detailed by CNBC, “Wael Abu Omar, a spokesperson for the Rafah crossing, said that in recent days the trucks have contained far more body bags than canned food. He claimed that recently delivered biscuits had already expired and were inedible.” 

Lynn Hastings, a senior U.N. official, claimed she was unaware of the expired food but failed to confirm whether the meals delivered by the World Food Program would not expire within a month.

The allegations come after President Joe Biden convinced Israel to allow humanitarian aid to the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip, which finds itself on the receiving end of a military offensive that began after Hamas militants killed at least 1,400 individuals. 

If corrobated, this would not mark the first time that the WFP came under fire for delivering inedible meals. In 2019, the entity faced criticism for reportedly distributing bug-infested food to Yemen

“WFP carried out a full assessment of the condition of the wheat and laboratory tests confirmed it was infested with insects which has resulted in some hollow grains,” said spokesman Herve Verhoosel at the time, according to state-owned France24. “The wheat needs to be fumigated before it can be milled into flour.”