CBS Investigative Journalist Warns 2024 Is Ripe for High Impact ‘Black Swan’ Event


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A senior investigative journalist issued a grave warning ahead of 2024, specifically predicting a “national security event with high impact.” 

CBS News Senior Investigative Correspondent Catherine Herridge made the remarks during a Dec. 24 roundtable on Face the Nation, where she was asked about her “big predictions” for the upcoming year.

“Mine’s a little dark. I feel a lot of concern that 2024 may be the year of the ‘Black Swan Event.’ This is a national security event with high impact that’s very hard to predict,” she told host Margaret Brennan.

“There are number of concerns I have that factor into that. Not only this sort of enduring heightened threat level that we’re facing,” she stated. 

Herridge also referenced the ongoing IsraeliHamas and RussianUkrainian conflicts before drawing attention to intern turmoil within the U.S. 

“We’re so divided in this country in ways that we haven’t seen before and I think that just creates fertile ground for our adversaries, like North Korea, China and Iran. And that’s what concerns me most,” she continued.

Brennan echoed Herridge’s predictions, acknowledging: “A lot of people [agree] with that concern, Catherine, at least in this town.”

Political analysts and commentators further echoed Herridge’s concerns, particularly emphasing the nation’s vulnerability under the tenure of President Joe Biden

Mark Halperin, a political analyst, declared in a Dec. 28 Newsmax interview his conversations with members of the intelligence community. Halperin said that these experts have shared “a deep concern about sleeper cells about the prospect of terrorists coming over the unprotected southern border.”

Expressing hope that Herridge’s prediction are wrong, he said that such an event “would shake up our politics at a time when people are looking at questioning Joe Biden’s capacity to do this job.” 

Similarly, podcast host Tucker Carlson issued last month a dire forecast for the upcoming year, suggesting that “something bad is about to happen.” 

In a Nov. 21 seminar, Carlson painted a harrowing picture of 2024. “I flew out here across the country this morning and spent five hours texting people … and I gotta tell you, every single person I texted, with the exception of my wife — who’s not on the internet at all — was angry and paranoid,” he said.

“Your gut is the one thing that doesn’t lie to you. Your gut only has your interest in mind. It is not trying to sell you a product, or convince you to vote for it,” he continued.