Blue States Sent Spinning by New Report That Will Have Liberal Leaders Out On Their….

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We’ve seen for years many Americans fleeing large, Democrat-run states for other locales. This mass exodus only ramped up during COVID and has not stopped. But are all these people being silly? California is the “Golden State,” after all. Why leave it for someplace that doesn’t have beaches!?

Why would anyone leave a state overwhelmed with crime, high taxes, and homelessness? States that keep calling white people “evil” and try to groom our children in public schools? A new report is giving us all the dirt. It ranks states’ economic outlook based on a wide range of factors. And, big surprise, the left is fuming.

From Fox News:

Republican-led red states are overall in a much better economic situation than Democrat-led blue states, according to a new report that ranks the economic outlook of all 50 states.

The latest analysis published by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a nonprofit of state legislators “dedicated to the principles of limited government, free markets, and federalism,” ranked Utah as having the best economic climate in the country for the 14th straight year.

Wow. I’m not sure anyone was expecting Utah to top the list. Was this report written by Mormons? No, they just weighed all the facts and found that this red state is the best place to live. Following Utah were the usual suspects: North Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma, among other red states.

The worst states on the list? Do we really have to tell you? They were all Democrat-run hellscapes, including California, Oregon, Illinois, and at the bottom New York. I’m sure right now Democrats are scratching their heads over this report.

Don’t people want to give all their money to an overreaching government that wastes it? Don’t people like shanty towns filling the streets, fearful that a deranged homeless person will stab them?

I’d like to say reports like this could wake up blue states, but let’s be honest here. Democrats will in no way change their policies. Even if the last sane person leaves Illinois, the state Democrats will keep pushing radical socialism.

The only solution is for the decent people left in these states to give these Democrats their walking papers. Only when they are voted out of office, will there be a hope of change. Until then, Democrats will keep pushing policies that put Americans last.