Bill Clinton Makes Jaw-Dropping Confession That Made Everyone Stop In Their Tracks…

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Truth be told, Bill Clinton is responsible for plenty of disasters. Many Americans remember him for committing adultery in the White House. His reckless behavior paved the way for countless politicians to violate their oaths of marriage and office.

But it seems one particular failure has come back to haunt him.

The liberal former president sat down for an interview with Irish TV. During the segment, a current problem came up. And old Bubba admits he was responsible for what is going on right now. It’s not at all what you are expecting.

From Trending Politics:

During a visit to RTÉ Prime Time, an Irish current affairs television program, former President Bill Clinton discussed the war in Ukraine and even said he feels personally responsible for the invasion…

“I feel a personal stake because I got them [Ukraine] to agree to give up their nuclear weapons. And none of them believe that Russia would have pulled this stunt if Ukraine still had their weapons,” Clinton said.

Way to cop to the truth, Bill. You are only thirty years too late! Clinton confessed he feels responsible for the current war between Russia and Ukraine. That is because, back in 1994, he got Ukraine to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

Some suggest that if Ukraine had nukes today, they would pose a bigger threat to Russia. We all know Putin has been threatening the use of nukes from day one of this war. Maybe he wouldn’t be so bold if he knew his main target could nuke Moscow?

Back during Clinton’s administration, Ukraine was reluctant to give up its nuke. Precisely because it was worried about Russia. But young Clinton was riding high on his fame and obsession with achieving “peace” in Europe.

And let’s not forget that Ukraine’s government has always been notoriously corrupt. The leadership at the time might have been glad to give up its nukes, in exchange for kickbacks. Hey, they’re no longer in power today–having to deal with Russia.

This confession from Clinton is just more proof that the reckless decisions made by Democrats have far-reaching consequences. The mistakes Obama made continue to hurt us. And the idiotic decisions made by Biden will be hurting America years from now.



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