‘You Can’t Hide’: Pro-Palestinian Hecklers Disrupt Biden’s Lavish Thanksgiving Escapade


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving lavish retreat in Nantucket was interrupted by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters voicing their grievances during his stroll through the island’s streets.  

The president and First Lady Jill Biden encountered a vocal crowd shouting “Free Palestine.” On a separate occasion, chanting accusations concerning alleged genocide. “Biden, Biden, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!” they shouted.

Reports indicate that the protesters located Biden twice, first as he exited a lunch with his family and later during a tree-lighting ceremony, as highlighted by Fox News.  

Approximately 40 demonstrators gathered to express their opposition to the United States’ support for Israel, specifically calling for a ceasefire in the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip, according to the Daily Mail

The Secret Service adjusted the President’s route to the vacation home in response to the demonstration, which featured a large banner reading “Ceasefire 4Eva” and chants advocating for a peace in Gaza. 

“The pause is just a pause. A permanent ceasefire. Let Gaza live,” the group chanted, as reported by the Mail.

During one encounter with protesters, Biden appeared nonchalant, seemingly unfazed by the chants, instead acknowledging a veteran in Nantucket. This incident unfolded as criticism arose over the President’s stay at a 13-acre estate owned by billionaire David Rubenstein, a private equity magnate.

Conservative journalist Katie Pavlich commented on Twitter, drawing attention to Biden’s activities amid ongoing international conflicts.

“If you’re wondering what President Biden has been doing today after two rounds of hostage releases with zero Americans (including a 4-year-old) and as Hamas plays games with their lives, he was shopping in Nantucket. He also had a milkshake,” Pavlich said.