Yale Researchers Begin Human Trials on Airborne mRNA Vaccines


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Researches at Yale University are experimenting with airborne vaccines, which will ostensibly make it possible for people to become vaccinated more easily on a mass scale, Life Site News reported.

Specifically, researches conducted experiments with mRNA vaccines—like the Pfizer COVID jab–to more efficiently deliver the latest experimental jabs to Americans and people across the world.

After experimenting “successfully” on animals, “human trials” will begin soon.

According to Courtney Malo, an editor for Science Translational Medicine, which published the study, the development of airborne mRNA vaccines for humans looks promising.

“The ability to efficiently deliver mRNA to the lung would have applications for vaccine development, gene therapy, and more,” Malo wrote. “Here, Suberi et al. showed that such mRNA delivery can be accomplished by encapsulating mRNAs of interest within optimized poly(amine-co-ester) polyplexes [nanoparticles].”

The study, moreover, successfully immunized mice against the targeted diseases.

The “science community,” according to Malo, is abuzz as the potential new “delivery system for vaccine applications” is explored.

One can, of course, imagine the various nefarious uses to which the airborne vaccines could be put. Aside from using airborne viruses, such methods could make mass vaccination viable, and could be used to force people into getting vaccinated without their consent.

Mark Saltzman, the cellular and molecular physiologist who led the study, admitted as much, noting that airborne vaccines could be particularly useful for mass vaccination.

This “new method of delivery could radically change the way people are vaccinated,” he said, emphasizing the efficiency with which large populations could receive vaccines and boosters.

According to the report, the federal government has run experiments on large cities before.

In the 1950s, the government ran “Operation Sea Spray” near San Francisco, to see how susceptible the city might be to a bioweapons attack.

While convinced that they were using a harmless chemical, it spread throughout the city, with thousands of residents inhaling the microbes, many developing urinary tract infections as a result.

At least one person died, and some have claimed that the chemical release altered permanently the region’s “microbial ecology.”

Shortly thereafter, San Francisco began its descent into the leftist utopia that it is now known as.