Woman Gives Birth To Baby With Long Hair; Then She Learns The Stunning Truth



A British baby is making headlines after he was born with luxurious long locks of hair. Baby boy Junior Cox-Noon was born at the Brighton General Hospital. He weighed about ten pounds, and by nine weeks of age, he had grown so much hair that his family members lovingly referred to him as “Baby Bear.” Junior’s mother, Chelsea Noon, was as delighted as could be to see her baby boy with so much hair and was eager to share photos of her son on social media, which promptly went viral all over the world.

“He came out with loads of hair,” mother Chelsea Noon told the Daily Mail. “I didn’t realize how much until he had his first bath. All the midwives and health visitors said it would fall out because baby hair usually comes out when they rub their head on the back of the cot, but he hasn’t lost any of it, and it has grown.”


At the time of her son’s birth, Chelsea was a thirty-two-year-old mother of three beautiful children. She told Daily Mail that her son’s long hair was changing her life. She claimed that her weekly trips to the local grocery store went from taking about forty minutes of her time to taking two hours because other shoppers had so many questions for her about her son’s long hair.

“When I take him with me on the weekly shop in Asda, everyone does a double-take and says, ‘Oh my God, look at the baby’s hair,’ and they have to touch it,” Noon said. “He doesn’t seem to mind and gets a little smirk on his face.”

Noon has a hair care routine for baby Junior. After she gives the baby boy a bath, she uses a blow dryer to dry his hair because it would take too long if she allowed it to air dry. Although some people feel that Junior’s long hair is unnatural, Mom loves it and has no plans to trim it anytime soon.

“People say to me, ‘Are you going to cut it?’ but it’s too unique, so I’m going to leave it as it is,” Noon said.

Many people say that mothers who are pregnant with children with long hair suffer from a lot of heartburn. Noon confirmed that she experienced god-awful heartburn while pregnant with Junior. Her other children are Mitchell, six, and Preston, four. Neither of the other children had as much hair as Junior when they were born.

The entire family, including Junior’s siblings, loves “Baby Bear” to the moon and back.

“His brothers really love him; my youngest is always running up to Junior saying, ‘I want to pinch his fat cheeks,’” Noon told the Daily Mirror. “We call him ‘Baby Bear’ because he looks like a little bear, but when he’s angry, he looks like a little gremlin.”

After suffering through a pregnancy filled with heartburn, Noon does not have any plans to get pregnant and have another child.

“The pregnancy was fine, but the labor was horrible,” she said. “His head got stuck, so they had to call the emergency people in … and I lost a liter of blood, so it was quite traumatic.”

She added, “Then obviously, they weighed him and found out he was 10 pounds, and that’s probably why.”

In the weeks since her son’s birth, Junior has grown more than is typical of a baby his age.

“He’s about 13 1/2 pounds now. Usually, they lose a bit, but he didn’t; he gained some,” Noon said. “But this is the last one, baby Junior; I’m not having another one — it would probably be a 12-pounder.”