Why Is The FBI Doing Nuclear Training In Texas?

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The FBI has stated that a “large scale, multi-agency nuclear incident training exercise” will be held May 1-5 in Houston, Texas.

“A large-scale, multi-agency nuclear incident TRAINING EXERCISE will take place May 1-5 in southeast Houston and Harris County. The training exercise will NOT pose risks to area residents. Please do not be alarmed by training-related activity,” FBI Houston tweeted.

Why would the FBI need to simulate a “nuclear incident”?

Do they foresee something that the general public does not?


Are they planning a false flag?

Maybe it’s just more Russia scaremongering?

Whatever the cause, it’s something to keep an eye on.


Twitter users responded to the FBI’s announcement:

The media is telling Houston residents not to be alarmed.

Click 2 Houston reported:

Residents in southeast Houston and Harris County may see a large number of FBI agents, police, military and helicopters next week, but don’t be alarmed.

FBI Houston said it’s conducting a large-scale, multi-agency nuclear incident training exercise from May 1-5.

Although the FBI did not release specifics on the training exercise or exact locations, they did say that the training will not pose a risk to residents.

Residents should also be aware that there will be police and military vehicles and aircraft around the Houston area, along with groups of training participants gathered at several locations.

KHOU 11 added:


Where in Houston will the nuclear incident training exercise take place?

According to the FBI, the test will take place “from in and around NRG Park and SH 288 to SH 146 and I-10 east to Highway 225 and in and around Ellington Field.”

Which agencies are involved in the training exercise?

The federal agencies involved will be the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. As for local agencies, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Houston Police Department, as well as fire, health and emergency management agencies will be part of the exercise.

Because of the sensitive nature, the FBI said the public is not allowed to observe the training.

The FBI said this is part of a series of regular tests that have been done across the country since 2012.