Whoopi Goes Went On A Bizarre Biden Rant That Even Left Her Fans STUNNED…


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the leftist mouthpieces on The View. So, let’s check in, shall we? Oh, God! It’s worse than we thought! After being nearly canceled for radical comments about the Holocaust, Whoopi Goldberg is back denying reality.

Most Americans are waking up to the fact that Joe Biden is not only unfit for office, but he is woefully corrupt. Evidence is mounting that Biden and his son conducted a bribery scheme while he was Obama’s VP (just imagine what they are doing, these days). But Whoopi, in peak liberal hysteria, had this to say about the growing facts surrounding the scandal.

From Daily Wire:

Goldberg made the comments during Wednesday’s broadcast of the ABC midday talk show “The View,” blowing off allegations of bribery and corruption…

“What bribery scheme?” Goldberg began. “What? I’m sorry, I — it’s always — it’s so different every day, I mean, you know, they’re either freaking out about ‘Barbie,’ or they’re upset about — you know — Budweiser beer, and it just … Bud Light, okay, that’s right, you don’t want the wrong thing to get out.”

Why do people still give Whoopi a microphone? During a rant on The View, she seemed to suggest that there was no bribery scheme, despite years of evidence coming out and a damning testimony by an FBI informant.

Whoopi thinks she can sweep that under the carpet by saying “What bribery scheme?” Uh, Whoopi, yeah there is sworn FBI testimony from an informant with numbers, dates, and detailed information about this bribery scheme.

Biden might be innocent until proven guilty, but it’s becoming very hard to deny his guilt at this point. Only someone willfully ignorant can deny what is going on. Whoopi went on to ramble about the Barbie movie and Bud Light, seeming to connect these unrelated stories to Republicans’ attempt at holding Biden accountable.

This is what we’re up against, people. Deranged leftists who don’t even know what is going on. It seems that Whoopi is uninformed. But that doesn’t stop her from spewing her opinion as fact, trying to run interference for someone that might be the most corrupt president in our history.

Honestly, why are Democrats still protecting Joe Biden at this point? Why haven’t they thrown their weight behind RKF or someone even moderately capable? Is Biden so valuable to them as a puppet that they’d ignore his crimes–

Oh, wait, he is. Whoopi and most other leftists will rant and pretend like there is nothing to this bribery scandal, just to keep a crooked, senile man in office.

That’s really pathetic.