Watch: Man Refuses to Accept Store’s Cashless Agenda, Is Told ‘The Police Are on Their Way’

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A man in the United Kingdom entered an Aldi store and immediately became a warrior for freedom by standing against a cashless society as the police were called because he tried to buy some strawberries with hard currency despite the store’s ban on cash transactions.

Undated video of the incident shows British activist Piers Corbyn — brother of the former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn — trying to pay for a pint of strawberries with exact change at the Aldi counter, but since the Greenwich store operates entirely on the Aldi App, his money was refused.

Corbyn left the money on the counter anyway, and exited the store with the fruit. Store employees then reported him to police for stealing the produce, according to a report published Monday by the U.K. Independent.

“I’m offering exactly the right amount of money here,” Corbyn said before exiting the store. “I’ve paid my legal tender.”


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The Independent did not report whether Corbyn was actually arrested.

Starting last year, the Aldi chain began opening a series of cashless outlets in the U.K. One of the reasons was to offer a “touchless” experience in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was still ongoing at the time, the BBC reported.

“Retailers are in a race to offer the most frictionless in-store experience – in retail ‘no touch’ has become the new normal,” retail expert Natalie Berg told the BBC.

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Aldi’s cashless stores were spurred on by similar efforts by Amazon, which is working on implementing its own cashless checkout system with its Amazon One payment system. Whole Foods has already included a “palm payment” option at its more than 500 stores, according to the About Amazon website.

In that system, a computer simply recognizes the palm print of a customer and deletes funds from the appropriate account.

“This means Whole Foods Market customers who choose to use Amazon One will no longer need their wallet or even a phone to pay — they can simply hover their palm over an Amazon One device. For Prime members who link their Amazon One profile with their Amazon account, savings will automatically be applied,” the site wrote last week.

Whether or not you support Mr. Corbyn and his personal crusades, you can’t fault him for opposing a cashless society that relies solely on digital and Internet-based banking. This is a sure way for governments to take a whole list of freedoms away from citizens.

Last year, the world elites who hope to increase their power over the population were rubbing their hands in glee over the idea of a digital currency that they can control in every degree. In May the World Economic Forum held its annual summit, which convened in Switzerland, and one of the items on the agenda was a world digital currency.


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The WEF was pushing its Digital Currency Governance Consortium and wants to implement a cashless society that relies entirely on government agencies and banks, and which would operate on digital currencies issued and controlled solely by governments and central banks.

On its website, the WEF says there are more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies causing chaos and adds that “cryptocurrency regulation is imperative” and that “a globally coordinated approach to regulation is necessary.”

In other words, the WEF says governments and central banks should control all digital crypto transactions. However, that would defeat the purpose that cryptocurrencies were created for in the first place.

Total government control over our means of engaging in commerce and security is already being tagged as a “mark of the beast,” referring to the warning in the Bible’s Book of Revelation that speaks of the end times.

But it’s hard to fault the logic for aspiring tyrants. After all, electronic currencies fully controlled by the government means that you, the citizen, will only have “money” when the government says you do. That also means the government can stop you from using what “money” it claims you have in your account, it can summarily take that money away from you at any time, and can completely control what it is “worth” and what it can buy.

Indeed, such a system would be chimerical in all respects. None of it would be based on anything tangible and would rely on things that can change at the will of those in control. It will have no intrinsic value at all.

Worse, it is the perfect means to control you. With digital currency, the government knows where you are when you are spending it, how much you are spending, and what you are buying. Such information can be used to track you down at a moment’s notice and control what you are “allowed” to own.

Did you buy too much food? You’ll be shut down. Did you buy a gun or ammo? You’ll be put on a watch list. Did you buy a book the elites don’t like? You’ll be branded an “insurrectionist.” And in all cases, your whereabouts are pinpointed any time the government feels that you need to be taken into custody.

China already has a digital currency and bans the use of other cryptocurrencies, and the Biden administration is also working to implement such a system.

So, whether you are a fan of Britain’s Piers Corbyn or not, he certainly has a point about the dangers of the surveillance state taking control of our currency. For all lovers of freedom, the whole thing should be a hard “no.”

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