WaPo Reporter Storms Off Interview When Confronted About Biden Bribery Claims


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A recent clash between a reporter at the Washington Post and a podcast host has sparked a fervent debate about the Biden corruption scandal and the media’s unwillingness to report on the damning findings.

Podcast host Noam Dworman pressed Philip Bump, a columnist at the Post, about damning evidence tying Joe Biden to an alleged bribery scandal involving a Burisma executive.

“I’ve written about these claims and the argument about his dad calling him. Did you read what I wrote?” Bump asked, attempting to downplay allegations that both Joe Biden and his son received $5 million bribes from a Ukrainian gas company. “It’s not debunked. Neither of us were there,” Dworman responded. But Bump was not interested and added, “Well, I debunked it from the standpoint that I’ve already addressed this and presented counterarguments to it.”

The heated exchange culminated in Bump abruptly ending the conversation, leaving Dworman bewildered and critics frustrated at the legacy media’s lack of interest in reporting the allegations of corruption embroiling the Biden family. Critics argue that such actions erode public trust in the media’s impartiality and its role in facilitating informed discussions. “Dems parrot the idiotic line that Hunter’s crimes ‘haven’t been tied to Joe’ because WaPo ‘journalists’ like Philip Bump refuse to report basic facts,” said Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA. “Instead they rage quit interviews when forced to admit Hunter already confirmed he paid the Big Guy half.”

Political commentator Glenn Greenwald echoed Kirk’s remarks taking to Twitter to react. “If want you want to see what corporate media really is, I can’t recommend enough this @noam_dworman interview of WashPost ‘national columnist’ @pbump about Bump’s vigorous, tireless, limitless, unconstrained advocacy for Joe Biden on the Hunter scandals,” Greenwald said. Prominent author Peter Schweizer also chimed in, calling the entire Bump meltdown worth watching.

Facing the mounting backlash, the Post rushed to defend its propagandist.

“Today, I received an email from the Washington Post in which it stands by the Post’s Philip Bump and his controversial claims on Lafayette Park, the Hunter Biden laptop, and Russian collusion,” Jonathan Turley, a conservative legal expert, said. Turley added, “I wanted to lay out what the Post is now embracing as true.”

Watch the full interview here.