Voting Machine Warehouse Official Withdraws Lawsuit Against President Trump and Two Local GOP Poll Watchers


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In 2021, Chester resident James Savage initiated legal proceedings against former President Donald Trump, Stenstrom, Hoopes, and additional parties.

The lawsuit alleges that they intentionally made damaging and defamatory remarks about him in the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Savage asserts that these accusations have caused severe repercussions including health issues and threats to his safety, likening it to being targeted on a national scale.

“While Defendant Hoopes’ intent was clearly to disparage the plaintiff, she was factually accurate that the plaintiff would not have been trained or experienced in uploading votes for influencing tabulation purposes, improperly or otherwise,” the lawsuit claims. “Accordingly, defendant Hoopes – and every defendant herein at the Gettysburg public meeting on November 25, 2020 – was aware that any suggestion that the plaintiff could upload votes for influencing tabulation purposes was impossible.”

Delco Times reported at the time:

The lawsuit points to numerous public statements made by the defendants in the wake of the election that were allegedly designed to sow discord and confusion about the results, including a Nov. 25 hearing before Pennsylvania Senate Republicans in Gettysburg and a press conference in Arlington, Va., on Dec. 1. The suit also references an affidavit from Stenstrom in one of several lawsuits filed by Trump seeking to overturn election results and in statements he made on Fox News’ “Hannity” program on Dec. 3, 2020.

Savage says that in each of these forums, the defendants sought to disparage him by claiming he illegally “stuffed” or padded ballot totals in favor of Biden by uploading 50,000 fraudulent votes to machines via a USB “v-card” device.

Stenstrom alleged that he had personally witnessed Savage uploading these sticks 24 times as votes were counted and that 47 or 64 of these USB cards had later gone missing.

Defendants including Trump and Giuliani also reiterated several times that the election was a “fraud,” “sham” and “disgrace,” while Hoopes referred to Savage in Gettysburg as a “Bernie Sanders delegate who was also solely responsible for every scanner, machine, v-card, and all machines with absolutely zero experience in this area,” the suit says.

The suit acknowledges Savage was not typically referred to by name in these statements, but as the “voting machine warehouse supervisor.” Because Savage was the only one of those in the county, however, the suit claims this effectively amounted to the same thing.

This week, James Savage and his attorney, J. Conor Corcoran, withdrew their complaints just before the scheduled hearing. They cited a motion for summary judgment in favor of Stenstrom and Hoopes based on truth as a complete defense.

Stenstrom, a former forensic computer scientist and self-proclaimed “patriot,” celebrated the victory on

Stenstrom highlighted the significance of this case as possibly the only legal win for former President Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He praised himself and Hoopes for their hard work in the legal battle and pledged more successes in proving election compromise in November 2020 and restoring transparency in Pennsylvania’s electoral process.

WE WON. “NO MAS!” The Truth is a Complete Defense.

Our defamation suit in which we were codefendants with President Trump is over, with the exception of a motion for sanctions that we expect will still be heard tomorrow morning in Philadelphia.

Plaintiff Savage and attorney J. Conor Corcoran have withdrawn their complaints less than 24 hours before they were scheduled to appear in Court with Leah Hoopes and myself to consider Motion for Summary Judgement in our Favor for our “truth is a complete defense” and our Motion for Sanctions against Savage and Corcoran.

As those of you who have been following along know, we have submitted a large volume of filings with the Court in preparation for tomorrows hearing, and a discovery hearing that was scheduled for 25MAR2024, and were beating them to a pulp.

We have also filed similar Motions to Dismiss and for Sanctions against Delaware County and attorneys from Duane Morris LLP and are beating their brains in there too. Duane Morris officially withdrew as attorneys this week for Newsmax in other litigation that we called out in our motions as conflicts and criminal collusion.

To our knowledge, this is the only case against President Trump and Rudy Giuliani in the country (in which we were codefendants with them) that they have won, and credit where credit is due, Leah and I did all the heavy lifting.

Expect more “wins” in the near future in our march to show that the November 2020 election was stolen and to restore election integrity and transparency in PA. We’re going after Shapiro hard and not going to quit until they all say “No Mas.”

In a recent update, Stenstrom stated that the legal disputes involving President Trump, Giuliani, himself, and Hoopes in Philadelphia have concluded, as the hearing for sanctions has been canceled. He asserts that this marks a significant milestone where concrete evidence of election fraud was admitted into the official record for the first time. Additionally, he highlights that the defense of truth regarding election fraud was effectively employed in this case.



Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Michael Erdos filed orders below that appeared in the docket at close of business today after my previous post.

We are the first Nov 2020 election fraud case that we are aware that got to discovery and a Judge allowed hard physical evidence of that fraud to be entered into the record, and also the first case where “truth is a complete defense” of massive election fraud in Nov 2020 was used by Pro Se (self represented) Stenstrom and Hoopes. They filed and presented thousands of pages of documents, emails, texts, videos, audios, affidavits and testimony.

In summary, the defamation cases against President Trump have been discontinued with prejudice (they can’t refile) against ALL Defendants, and the Judge cited the attorney for misconduct for violations of the rules of professional conduct. This is the first case in the country against President Trump (and against Rudy Giuliani) that was successfully defended, and was won by Pro Se Co-Defendant Stenstrom and Hoopes.

For the record, Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom were offered a settlement on January 10th, 2024, to drop the complaint against them, and leave President Trump behind for trial after his stay for criminal hearings were resolved, and leave Mayor Giuliani behind for monetary damages for millions of dollars.

We said “no – one goes, we all go – and we will be happy to keep kicking your asses at trial.” FYI, the same deranged expert witness that was the star witness in E. Jean Carroll v. Donald J. Trump was scheduled for our trial, and we were well prepared to handle that.

Shortly after filing our last Praecipe and email request for large video screen for the courtroom to present the video and audio clips we submitted as part of discovery at this link and to review FOIA’s that showed evidence of massive election fraud in Nov 2020, and the obstruction and collusion to hide it going to the top of the federal government the Praecipe to Discontinue was filed.

These cases are now in the win column, but we still have 32 more to go (most of which are election recount cases that they have been trying to quash in Delaware, Chester, and Fayette counties), and the PA Commonwealth Court case still languishing from Nov 2020 fraud that Leah and I fought to keep alive – which will be heard this coming April, among others.

More to come.

Source: Greg Stenstrom

Twitter user, “Mr. Sausage” posted this video following in 2023.

The user wrote: Who remembers Delaware County, Pennsylvania during the 2020 election?

The last county to finish counting votes, which gave Joe Biden a miraculous come-from-behind victory?

Did you know that Delaware County had historically been a red/Republican area until Soros-backed Democrat District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer broke through and “won” in 2019? Since this time, nearly all political races at all levels have been “won” by Democrats in Delaware County, down to the city council and school board levels.

Did you know that a Patriot whistleblower filmed Democrat activist Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor Jim Savage and other county officials apparently destroying evidence when it was requested by the state legislature for an audit? Jim Savage was later “allegedly” filmed outside SCOTUS’ home(s) to protest the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Did you know that none other than Soros-backed District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer was tagged with investigating these apparent illegalities caught on audio and video tape, but concluded that nothing illegal had occurred?

A civil suit was filed and the below video was included in a publicly available exhibit. This is Jim Savage, Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor, telling the whistleblower that Soros-backed DA Stollsteimer owed him a favor because he helped him in his own election.

See: Leah Hoopes and her book “The Parallel Election.” She is a Patriot and still fighting. I hope this community can offer some additional support.


“County attorney asks election warehouse worker to destroy evidence. Election worker balks, says “It’s a felony.” Just like we saw in Fulton County, GA and Detroit, MI in 2020. Maricopa County, AZ in 2022. Don’t believe your own eyes and ears. Nothing to see here,” the second post reads.


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