Virginia Police Release Bodycam Footage of Chaotic ‘Street Takeover’ Incident Resulting in Officer Injury


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Virginia police have just unveiled startling bodycam footage capturing a tumultuous “street takeover” incident that led to an officer getting injured.

In the early hours of March 31, a large crowd assembled in Springfield, Virginia to witness drivers engaging in dangerous stunts and reckless driving at a car event.

The Fairfax County Police said, “A large group of individuals surrounded the officer’s cruiser. At least one attempted to remove the license plate from the vehicle as the others acted disorderly.”

According to reports, unruly individuals were seen jumping on police cruisers and banging on the windows of the vehicles.

Authorities mentioned that a man was observed outside a police vehicle holding a rifle.

A driver reportedly hit a police officer with their vehicle and then escaped from the scene.

The officer apparently sustained minor injuries.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis stated, “I believe we narrowly escaped a line-of-duty death scenario of our own. Because one of our officers was surrounded by a bunch of masked, tough-guy-wannabe-thugs who surrounded her car, and acted in a criminal manner, in a way that I’ll tell you is never going to happen again in Fairfax County.”

Davis commended the officer for exhibiting “a ton of grace under pressure in that very volatile scenario.”

“So, what does that mean for residential and business communities? It means you didn’t have any cops protecting your neighborhoods, your communities, your businesses because these criminals diverted all of our attention to handle an attack on one of our police officers,” Davis declared.

He added, “Thankfully, they didn’t get into the car, and we’re very grateful for that.”

Law enforcement officials have announced that four individuals are facing criminal charges in connection with the alarming incident.

The alleged hit-and-run driver has been identified as 18-year-old Ronal Urrea-Hernandez, as reported by WTTG. Police have reportedly issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of felony hit-and-run, evading police, and driving without a license.

Carlos A. Martinez Jr., also 18, has been taken into custody and charged with reckless driving after causing a collision by driving on the wrong side of the road, according to reports.

Additionally, authorities are looking into the actions of 20-year-old Dylan Heckard from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He is accused of assaulting law enforcement and obstructing an officer by impeding their vehicle.

A 17-year-old involved in the incident has also been charged; however, their identity is being withheld due to being a minor.


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