Viral Video Shows NY Homeowner Getting Arrested for Kicking Out Squatters


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A chilling video captures the precise moment when a New York City homeowner was arrested for confronting alleged squatters occupying a home she inherited. 

Adele Andaloro found herself in handcuffs after deciding to change the locks on the property, as depicted in a Monday news segment by ABC 7’s Eyewitness News. 

“It’s enraging,” Andaloro expressed to Eyewitness News reporter Dan Krauth, referring to her frustration over being unable to access her own home. “It’s not fair that I, as the homeowner, have to be going through this.”

The confrontation between Andaloro and the purported squatters ensued after she attempted to sell the residence, only to discover individuals had allegedly taken up residence and altered the locks. 

Andaloro was in the middle of an interview with Eyewitness News outside her property when an unidentified woman arrived and opened the door. 

Subsequently, Andaloro and the reporter entered the home, where they encountered a new batch of alleged squatters. In New York City, squatters gain certain legal rights after 30 days of residency. 

The alleged squatters summoned the cops on Andaloro. But instead, some of the accused squatters were taken in handcuffs after failing to prove they’d been inside the home for 30 days. 

In response, Andaloro changed the locks, but another individual, identified as Brian Rodriguez, asserted his claim as the lessee of the property. 

Rodriguez then contacted the authorities, prompting Andaloro to be informed that she must pursue legal action against him, as he is considered a tenant under squatting laws. 

“By the time someone does their investigation, their work, and their job, it will be over 30 days and this man will still be in my home,” Andaloro lamented. “I’m really fearful that these people are going to get away with stealing my home.” 

Addressing an officer, she asked, “Why is it that I have to leave and he doesn’t have to leave?”  

The officer responded: “Because, technically, he can’t be kicked out. You need to go to court.” Later in the video, Andaloro is depicted being handcuffed for “unlawful eviction.”  

As Andaloro is detained, Rodriguez can be heard remarking from the background, “It’s not her house anymore.”