Univ. Pres. Flees Protest, Leaves Jewish Students Behind Begging for Protection


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) It was reported that Rutgers University’s  Jewish students were left begging for police protection when the woke institution’s President Jonathan Holloway fled a town hall event, flanked by security.

Bethany S. Mandel, a Rutgers alumnus, shared a video of the event, in which Jew-hating students wore and waved keffiyehs (a pro-Palestine scarf), chanting anti-Israel slogans.

Jewish students, who had come to the town hall to ask officials about their safety on campus, were left in the room with students who were calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

“Tonight at @RutgersU the President held a town hall with students. It devolved into anarchy, and he fled with half the police present. Jewish students who came to ask about how the admin would keep them safe on campus were left to beg the remaining police to escort them out,” Mandel wrote.

Mandel continued exposing the Jew-hating beliefs of the crowd in her other posts on Twitter.

“As you can hear, students are chanting genocidal slogans calling for intifada and the destruction of the Jewish state. Jewish students were left among this crowd unprotected,” she wrote.

Mandel also referenced the “RU Screw” — an unapologetic move “when the admin would screw you over unrelentingly and unapologetically.”

“In 2024, the RU Screw has worsened and now means leaving Jewish kids alone in a room full of people screaming for their genocide,” she wrote.

Other people responded to the news in various ways, among which was sharing videos of the event from other angles.

“Another angle from a Rutgers student. ‘Settlers, Settlers, go back home. Palestine is ours alone!’” a person under the nickname @ezhermann wrote.

Guy Benson of Fox News also responded to the shocking videos by telling people who were oblivious about the true intentions of the pro-Palestine crowd that they should “wake the f*** up.”

“‘We don’t want two states!’ ‘Long live the Intifada!’ Rutgers, New Jersey, USA. They could not be any clearer. They reject a peaceful resolution. They want Israel annihilated & celebrate the intifada, which is physical violence and murder against Jews. Wake the f*** up,” he wrote.