Univ. of Calif. Suspends Center Over Pro-Palestine, Jew-Hating Propaganda


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) The University of California-Santa Barbara (USCB) suspended its “Multicultural Center” one day after the center expressed its anti-Jewish views, even going as far as suggesting that Jews drink blood.

On Feb. 26, 2024, the Multicultural Center MCC held a “collective action,” displaying visible signs such as “Zionists not welcome,” “F— pinkwashing. Queers for Palestine,” “Zionism is terrorism” and “when people are occupied, resistance is justified,” Daily Nexus wrote.

There were more than 100 signs inside the building, among which were “Dykes 4 Palestine,” “DEI is white supremacy,” “Zionists — just say you hate black, brown and indigenous” and some that targeted the student association president for being “neutral.”

In an email to students, Chancellor Henry T. Yang wrote that there were “offensive social media messages and signage at the Multicultural Center entrance” that campus offices are currently reviewing.

“The posting of such messages is a violation of our principles of community and inclusion,” he wrote.

As expected, Students Supporting Israel, a pro-Israel campus group, commented on what happened by saying that the multicultural center was excluding the Jewish community.

“While the MCC prides itself on dedicating to creating a safe and inclusive space for cultural minorities, this attempt aims to silence, threaten, intimidate and discriminate against the Jewish community,” the group said.

The center continued its anti-Semitic messaging on social media, among which was the now-infamous blood libel, “Why does our school support a regime to feast on the blood of our fellow humans?”

“For over 24 hours, these messages went unchallenged while extremist elements celebrated the latest attempt to harass, bully and intimidate Jewish students,” USCB’s Hillel, a Jewish group, said.

The news source also reported that the Monday gathering took place from 9 a.m. until after 3 p.m., with the university administration being present.

The UCSB MCC’s official Instagram account wrote “In case we aren’t clear, let us spell it out” above a picture of the front doors with signs saying “Zionists not welcome,” the school newspaper added.