Unhinged Ex-Google Employee Admits Threat to Kill Justice Roberts


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Neal Sidhwaney, a Florida man suffering from paranoia and delusions, pleaded guilty to threatening to murder Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, the DOJ announced on Monday

The 43-year-old had an eight-year tenure as a Google programmer before admitting to transmitting an interstate threat aimed at Roberts. This occurred when he made a call to the Supreme Court from his Florida home, leaving a curse-laden message against a justice, prosecutors said.

Federal investigators stated that the man identified himself by name and made repeated threats against the life of a justice. Although the DOJ did not specify the targeted justice, a psychologist’s report identified Roberts as the focus, according to the New York Post.

“Yeah hi, my name is Neal Sidhwaney, uh, this message is for [Roberts]…. I will f—king kill you … Go f—king tell the Deputy US Marshals you f—ing p—y,” the man said in the call, according to court documents reviewed by the NY Post

Additionally, the unhinged man said, “I will f—king talk to them and then I’ll f—ing come kill you anyways, you f—ing c—.”

Although a sentencing date hasn’t been scheduled, the man could face a maximum sentence of five years.

“This case was investigated by the Supreme Court of the United States Police – Protective Intelligence Unit with assistance from the United States Capitol Police –Threat Assessment Section,” the DOJ said in a statement.” 

According to a report by the NY Post, a psychologist evaluation found the perpetrator fit for trial but suffering from “delusional disorders with psychosis.” 

Dr. Alan J. Harris noted, “According to his parents he believes a private agency has been following him. However, his paranoia began in 2017 when he left Google.”  

Harris said the man worked for Google for approximately eight years. The doctor added, “According to his mother he becomes enraged watching the news which triggers him to write letters and emails or to make phone calls.” 

Roberts isn’t the first justice to be targeted by individuals. In June 2022, Nicholas Roske was arrested for allegedly plotting to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee. 

In 2022, leftist activists have protested at the homes of justices, especially those with conservative leanings, following the Supreme Court’s overturning of a federal protection for abortions.