Twitter Celebrates Biden’s Birthday w/ Flashback of Year-Long Gaffes


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday stirred a unique celebration among conservatives, revisiting catalogs of the president’s most notable gaffes and concerning stumbles throughout his time in office in 2023

Despite the adamant assertions from the Biden administration about the president’s preparedness, his recurring verbal slip-ups and moments of apparent confusion continue to cast doubts on his mental sharpness.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, took a mocking approach to Biden’s birthday on Twitter.

“Today is Joe Biden’s 81st Birthday. But you know what they say… age is just a number. That seems especially true when you consider how energetic, athletic, and vigorous our current President is,” he said. 

Hunt’s tweet humorously drew attention to Biden’s age with a video montage capturing several occasions where the president stumbled or appeared fatigued during public appearances.

Similarly, the Republican National Committee’s Research Department shared a concise two-minute video titled, “Today is Joe Biden’s 81st birthday.”  

The video gained traction, accumulating over 76,000 views on Twitter, showcasing clips highlighting Biden’s challenges in articulating his thoughts.

Notably, the White House has at times revised official transcripts to downplay or obscure some of Biden’s verbal gaffes.  

In September, an edited transcript of a Biden speech hid a disturbing remark that implied a lack of “high school diplomas” among black and Hispanic workers.

The online collection of “Biden gaffes” at Headline USA has expanded, featuring numerous moments where the president seemed disoriented or uncertain during official engagements.  

A viral video from Nov. 11th depicted Biden appearing confused during a wreath-laying ceremony on Veterans Day.