Trump Vows to Start ‘Christian Visibility Day’


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Donald Trump vowed to create a “Christian Visibility Day” following Joe Biden’s declaration of “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which “coincidentally” happened to land on Easter Sunday this year.

“And what the H** was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be trans visibility day? Such total disrespect to Christians,” Trump told his supporters during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisc., on Apr. 2, 2024.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president then promised that Nov. 5 would be “Christian Visibility Day” if he is elected, Fox News reported.

“And on Nov. 5, it is going to be called something else. You know, it’s going to be called Christian Visibility Day,” Trump said to thunderous applause from his audience.

Trump’s comments came after Biden celebrated “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which was recognized on March 31. The reason why the Biden regime chose this specific day was because it fell on Easter Sunday.

As a result of that, Biden has faced backlash after his annual day to honor the “transgender” movement fell on Easter Sunday, one of the most important and holiest days for Christians, as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In addition to that, Trump’s national press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, previously called the “Trans Day of Visibility” “appalling and insulting,” adding that Biden’s announcement is an example of the Biden administration’s “years-long assault on the Christian faith.”

The White House tried to save its image after the backlash by issuing a statement saying the criticism over “Transgender Day of Visibility” coinciding with Easter was divisive.

“As a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden stands for bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American. Sadly, it’s unsurprising politicians are seeking to divide and weaken our country with cruel, hateful and dishonest rhetoric. President Biden will never abuse his faith for political purposes or profit,” the statement said.