Trump Unleashes on Jack Smith after Gag Order Temporarily Suspended


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Donald Trump criticized special counsel Jack Smith on his social media platform, Truth Social, days after a federal Barack Obama-appointed judge temporarily lifted a gag order.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan granted Trump a temporary hold on her previous ruling in another of the witch hunts on him — also known as the 2020 election conspiracy case — while Trump’s legal team is appealing the order, arguing that it is unconstitutional, according to the Epoch Times.

Meanwhile, Trump criticized Smith on Truth Social as being “deranged” and said his team “leak[ed]” a story to the New York Times about an Australian businessman, Anthony Pratt, claiming that Trump told classified secrets to him — the reports that Trump denied.

“With this in mind, there is NO WAY I can get a fair trial on a Biden, Election Interference Indictment, in [Washington D.C.]. Obviously, at the appropriate time, if this ridiculous case should be allowed to proceed forward, which is, according to legal scholars, very doubtful, I will be making a demand for a Venue Change!” Trump also wrote on his social media platform.

Chutkan ordered Trump earlier this month to not make any posts or statements regarding possible witnesses, Mr. Smith, his family or court staff, although Trump can make general statements about the Department of Justice and D.C. itself.

Trump’s social media posts could incite violence or contaminate the jury pool, prosecutors said, while Trump’s attorneys argued that such an order would violate his right to free speech — especially considering that he is the leading candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

“President Trump is the forty-fifth President of the United States and the leading candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election. He has dominating leads in the race for the Republican nomination, and he leads President Biden,” Trump’s defense attorneys wrote.

Chutkan, however, rejected Trump’s arguments regarding the election, saying that “no other criminal defendant would be allowed to do so, and I’m not going to allow it in this case.” Without elaborating, she also added that she would impose sanctions if the partial gag order is violated.

“Nothing like this has ever happened in our Country before,” Trump said earlier this month about the order, criticizing Chutkan as a “highly partisan” judge who was appointed in 2014 by Obama.