Trump Triumphs After Appellate Judge Returns Control of Organization


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A New York appeals judge has delivered a significant victory for former President Donald Trump, allowing him temporary access to his company after Judge Arthur Engoron ordered the dissolution of the Trump Organization.

The decision comes amidst a high-profile civil case brought against Trump by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing the former president of inflating his finances to receive low-interest loans. 

While Judge Engoron’s initial order to dissolve the Trump Organization was not overturned, the appellate judge did grant Trump access to his company, refusing to halt the ongoing trial.

The ruling came after Trump’s attorneys Clifford Robert, Michael Farina and Michael Madaio filed an emergency motion against Engorron, arguing that the judge did not “comprehend the scope of the chaos (his) decision has wrought.” 

James is seeking a substantial $250 million payout from the Trump Organization, citing damages resulting from the alleged financial misconduct. 

She has also sought a court order to prevent the companies from conducting business in New York, which had raised concerns about the potential seizure of Trump’s skyscrapers, including the flagship Manhattan-based Trump Tower. 

In response to the ruling, the Trump Organization expressed its gratitude to the appellate judge. 

“Judge Engoron’s order erroneously sought to adjudicate the rights of non-party business entities that employ nearly 1,000 hard-working New Yorkers, have never been accused of any wrongdoing and were never given their day in court – in clear violation of their fundamental Constitutional rights and Due Process,” the organization stated, as reported by the Mail

The statement continued, “We will continue to vigorously defend our company and our incredible employees from this gross overreach and politically-motivated persecution.” 

The legal battle started when James, as a Democrat candidate for attorney general, promised to take down Trump businesses if elected. “I look forward to going into the office of attorney general every day, suing [Trump], defending your rights and then going home,” James pledged in a 2018 video.