Trump Trashes ‘Bad Grandpa’ Actor DeNiro after Unhinged Awards Show Rant


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Presidential candidate Donald Trump lobbed an unapologetic rebuke against actor-turned-DNC-mouthpiece Robert De Niro, who criticized the former president during yet another Hollywood speech. 

“De Niro should focus on his life, which is a mess, rather than the lives of others. He has become a total loser, as the World watches, waits, and laughs!” Trump said in a scathing Truth Social post.

Trump’s response was prompted by De Niro’s claim that his speech at the Gotham Awards had been edited to remove any mention of Trump. The actor accused the show of tampering with his words, leading to an uninspiring outburst during the event.

“I just want to say one thing. The beginning of my speech was edited, cut out, I didn’t know about it. And I want to read it,” De Niro claimed regarding his anti-Trump speech.  

He then proceeded to read a section of his speech directly attacking Trump.

“Lying has become just another tool in the charlatan’s arsenal,” De Niro stated, garnering little praise from the crowd. “The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times during his four years in office, and he’s keeping up the pace in his current campaign of retribution. But with all his lies, he can’t hide his soul.”

While De Niro’s speech gained leftist praise on Twitter, conservatives dismissing it as another award show moment targeting Trump. The former president, on the other hand, didn’t hold back in his Truth Social posts.

“Robert De Niro is a ‘mental midget’ whose mind is shot, and whose life is a total train wreck. Very much like Crooked Joe Biden, he can’t put two sentences together. The good news is that this crude and very stupid ‘animal’ has lost all credibility!” the former president remarked.

De Niro, a longstanding critic of Trump, has extended his criticism beyond the former president. In a November 2020 interview with The View, De Niro aimed his partisan ire at Trump supporters, issuing a dire threat. 

“They should be afraid of what’s gonna happen later when he’s not around, and they’re gonna try and crawl back, the ones that would have the gall to try and crawl back,” De Niro said of Trump voters. “It’s gonna be—it’s going to be interesting to see.”

Additionally, this isn’t the first instance of De Niro using an awards ceremony to lash out at Trump. At the 2018 Tony Awards, the actor exclaimed: “I’m gonna stay one thing: F—k Trump. It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘F—k Trump.” 

That same year, he criticized Republicans as a whole, claiming, “I’m not so much concerned about Republicans believing Trump’s bellowing bulls—t about fake news. They’re not that stupid, most of them, but they’re pretty f—ing stupid.”