Tim Scott and ‘Non-Existent’ Girlfriend Come Under Scrutiny


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., is facing intense scrutiny from Republican donors and a leftist newspaper regarding his secretive and unusual love life, as revealed in a comprehensive report.  

The Washington Post delved on Tuesday into Scott’s romantic affairs, following campaign manager Jennifer DeCasper’s 2022 claims that Scott’s love life was “nonexistent.” Scott later contradicted DeCasper when he claimed to have a girlfriend in May 2022. But in August 2022, DeCasper doubled down on her initial assertion that Scott was single.

“I probably have more time, more energy and more latitude to do the job,” Scott said when asked about the possibility of becoming the first bachelor president since the 1800s. “My girlfriend wants to see me when I come home,” he added, as an aside, the WashPost claimed. 

Scott’s romantic life also drew the attention of a Republican voter. In August, a voter pressed DeCasper about why the senator doesn’t bring his alleged girlfriend to campaign events. “That’s because he’s single,” DeCasper explained, yet again contradicting Scott’s assertion in May. 

Behind the scenes, DeCasper reportedly advised Scott that his Republican’s traditional approach to relationships was outdated. “Honey, it’s two-thousand-whatever, you’re fine,” she told Scott. 

The WaPo also drew comparisons between Scott’s singleness and the last GOP bachelor to run for president, Sen. Lindsey Graham, his partner senator from South Carolina. Before Graham, Grover Cleveland, who won the presidency in 1883, was the last unmarried Republican to hold the office. Graham himself has faced questions about his own love life.

This scrutiny comes at a time when former President Barack Obama is also facing allegations in a tell-all interview with Tucker Carlson where a man claimed to have engaged in drug-filled sexual encounters with then-Illionis State Senator Obama. However, the man has provided no evidence to support his claims.

Conservatives have debated whether Scott’s lack of a wife could deter Republican voters. Bob V. Plaats, the head of the conservative Family Leader group, commented, “But I think our country is at the point where being married isn’t the top qualifier. It probably doesn’t make the Top 50.” 

Brian Moniz, a childhood friend, revealed that Scott tends to prioritize his political career over his romantic relationships.

“It’s been a challenge, mainly for the females in his life over the years,” Moniz admitted. “They get put on the back burner. Women have hung around for a while, and they realize they’re not going to be the top priority right now.”