‘Third World’ CVS Locks Goods, Displays Photos Amid Theft


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A CVS Pharmacy located on the infamous H Street in D.C. has taken drastic measures in response to rampant thefts. Rather than keeping products out in the open, the pharmacy has reportedly resorted to hiding them in storage rooms and displaying framed photographs of the items instead. 

Recent photographs shared on Friday by political commentator Joey Mannarino on Twitter depict the unusual setup, raising concerns about out-of-control theft and skyrocketing crime in the nation’s capital. Items, such as toilet paper, were placed in the back and a sign advised potential shoppers to seek help from agents for further assistance.

Mannarino expressed shock at the new strategy. “Due to the out-of-control theft, they have now put away almost all their items and just have photographs of what is in stock,” he said. “This is how we have to live in America now? This is the third world!” 

Drawing comparisons to a store in Barcelona, Spain, where high-end laptops were openly displayed, Mannarino highlighted the stark contrast between security measures in different countries. 

“In New York City, they have to lock up mouthwash behind plexiglass because they’re worried people will steal them,” he remarked. “In Barcelona, they have MacBooks out in the open for people to pick up. Where has America gone wrong? 

Theft has evidently become an uncontrollable issue in various stores along H Street. Rodney Demetrius, a former CVS customer, shared his experience of the limited product availability at the stores. “Thieves. They took everything,” he told the Washington Post on Oct. 16. 

Reports from the Post confirmed the impact of theft on other retailers in the area, with Walmart on H Street closing its doors and a nearby Giant supermarket removing frequently stolen items from its shelves. 

Responding to the concerns, CVS spokesperson Carissa Falzarano emphasized the pharmacy’s proactive approach to addressing theft. 

“In recent weeks, we’ve worked closely with the DC Metro Police to identify and dismantle several major shoplifting rings and will continue to do so,” Falzarano said in a statement earlier this month. “In addition, we’re supporting new initiatives to combat retail theft in partnership with the DC Attorney General’s Office. There are no plans to close this location, or any others in Washington, DC, at this time.”