The Federal Court Just Stopped A Blue State Law in Its Tracks

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We know why so many Americans are fleeing once-prosperous states. The radical, far-left state Democrats are making these places impossible to live in. Blue states are going out of their way to shut down our Constitutional liberties. Meanwhile, they legalize drugs, encourage homelessness, and put criminals back on the streets.

In one blue state, they took the extraordinary step to rob Americans of this constitutional right. State sheriffs were so shocked, they vowed to not enforce this new law. Quickly, citizens pushed back and took the state to court. Now, a federal court is laying down the law.

From The Hill:

A federal judge has temporarily blocked an assault weapons ban in Illinois, ruling that multiple plaintiffs who sued alleging that the law violates their Second Amendment rights have a “reasonable likelihood” to succeed in their argument.

Boom! A federal judge put a block on Illinois’s shocking “assault weapons” ban. As is typical, Democrats tried to push a ban on the Second Amendment, using a term only gun control nuts use. Anyone with half a brain knows that this “assault weapons” lingo is just a Trojan horse to ban all firearms.

The judge ruled that he could impose a temporary ban because the plaintiffs’ argument that this law violates their rights had a “reasonable likelihood” to succeed. That means, this lawsuit will eventually overturn this law.

The case is still being battled out, but this is good news for Illinois residents. While the case is being decided, the ban isn’t in effect. Residents can still buy and distribute firearms that were perfectly legal just weeks ago.

But the war is far from over. Democrats at the state level are constantly trying to come up with new ways to strip Americans of their rights. When the Supreme Court overturned a strict conceal carry ban in New York, Democrats passed an even crazier law to ensure no one in the state is safe.

In D.C., Democrats are eager to erase the Second Amendment as much as they can. Whether it’s Joe Biden or Congress, we have to fight to protect our rights.

Because if we don’t, they won’t be around for much longer.