The Deep State Has Been Rocked by New Hunter Biden Evidence…

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Again and again, we hear stories about Joe Biden’s son Hunter. And none of them are good. Since 2020, we’ve learned that Hunter Biden was up to no good–and that his dad was involved. But the truth was blocked from reaching the voting public, as top intelligence officials claimed the laptop with all the information was “Russian disinformation.”

Not sure how a physical laptop was “disinformation.” But the media spread this claim far and wide, even as much of the laptop’s information was verified. Social networks censored the news, so millions of voters didn’t know. It obviously influenced the election. And now, the CIA is coming clean on its part in this scandal.

From Fox News:

A former top intelligence officer with oversight of threats ahead of the 2020 election said the Central Intelligence Agency had “no evidence” at the time that Hunter Biden’s laptop had anything to do with a Russian disinformation campaign, despite claims from then-candidate Joe Biden’s allies…

“Yes, it looked like the kind of thing Moscow might do, but as our unclassified report to the public later indicated, despite an extensive influence campaign there was no evidence this particular item was Russian disinformation.”

Oh, really!? During the election 51 former national security officials popped up with a letter claiming the damning laptop was “Russian disinformation.” But former National Intelligence Officer for Cyber Chris Porter said the CIA had “no evidence” that the laptop came from Russia.

Porter was working extensively for the CIA to catch threats during the 2020 election. He admitted there had been a campaign by Russia to influence the election. But this laptop, with photos, documents, and messages from Hunter Biden, appeared to have no connection.

No evidence, huh? Then why did 51 officials come out and say this was a Russian information operation? Why were they so quick to dismiss this news which was damaging to Biden’s election chances, when they had no evidence to suggest it was from Russia?

Kind of sounds like they were lying, huh?

Most of these former officials had worked with Biden in the Obama administration. That colors their testimony, doesn’t it? It is reasonable to suspect they were allies of Biden’s and had good reason to protect him.

But this letter gave social networks and media companies an excuse to censor the story. Millions of voters did not know about Hunter Biden’s infamous behavior–and its connection to his father.

And they scoff when we say the system is rigged!