‘That’s Stupid!’: 81-Year-Old Biden Barks Back at Age Question


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) President Joe Biden found himself in the spotlight during his Thanksgiving retreat on Nantucket Island as questions regarding his age and plummeting poll numbers surfaced, fueling speculation about his ability to seek re-election. 

Strolling the streets of Nantucket, the 81-year-old President was confronted by inquiries about whether his age was an obstacle to his re-election bid.

“Mr. President are you too old to be running for re-election,” the reporter asked. “That’s stupid!” Biden retorted, accompanied by his granddaughter, Natalie Biden, and daughter, Ashley Biden. 

Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson pressed further, questioning why recent polls indicated former President Donald Trump leading the 2024 presidential election

“Why is Donald Trump beating you in the latest poll?” Tomlinson queried, though Biden chose not to respond.

The Messenger recently released a poll illustrating Trump’s commanding lead over Biden by seven points in a hypothetical rematch for the 2024 election. Additionally, a New York Times/Siena College poll unveiled Trump’s advantage in five pivotal swing states. 

Notably, an Emerson College poll showcased Trump leading Biden with 47% support against Biden’s 43%. 

Biden has continually faced inquiries regarding his age, amplified by viral videos displaying moments of confusion and notable gaffes that have circulated widely.

Meanwhile, Trump has positioned himself as a frontrunner seeking the Republican ticket for the 2024 presidential election.  

In response to the staggering decline in poll numbers, Vice President Kamala Harris shifted her stance on previous dismissals of low poll concerns, asserting that both she and Biden must actively earn the votes of the American public.