Texas GOP Takes Down Democrat Scheme, And The Dems Are Scrambling Big Time…

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You might think that a state like Texas, with a strong Republican majority, wouldn’t have any of the electoral problems seen in blue states. But the reason Texas is such a strong conservative state is because it works very hard to root out election “irregularities.”

Whenever we hear about people arrested for voter fraud, it’s in Texas (because blue states don’t arrest voter fraudsters). And since the chaos of 2020, red states like Texas have been making moves to secure their election integrity. In 2022, Democrats in one country made illegal steps to undermine the election. Now, the Texas GOP is striking back.

From Just the News:

The Texas House passed two key election reform bills after they passed the Senate last month. Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, filed both bills to prevent election irregularities that occurred in Harris County over the last two election cycles from occurring again or from being replicated in other counties.

Two bills have passed through the Texas Senate and House. These bills specifically address questionable moves made by Democrats in Harris County. Allegations of widespread fraud surfaced in this county in 2020 and 2022.

Democrats illegally appointed an “elections administrator” without the approval of state law or legislators. This administrator lost at least 10,000 ballots in the 2022 primaries. They were also accused of neglecting to send paper ballots to Republican precincts, leaving them sitting in a warehouse.

There were endless problems in just this county in November of 2022. Electronic machines jammed, voters were turned away, and many accused the county of various voting irregularities.

Isn’t it funny how none of these things happened in any other Texas county that year? Only the county that spent tens of millions of dollars “overhauling” its election system and appointed this so-called administrator.

The new bills get rid of this position and ensure the Texas Secretary of State is overseeing elections. Democrats have already threatened to sue, of course. But they have to answer one question: why is it that when they are put in charge of anything, it because a total disaster?