Texas Drops the Hammer on Democrats That Are Trying To Turn The State…

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Texas might be considered one of the most conservative states in the country. But many of its largest cities have growing liberal influence. During COVID, these cities shut down as fast as Chicago or Los Angeles. And it took legal battles from the state to reopen them and eliminate mask mandates.

Even more recently, radical leftists have tried to destroy law and order in these places. In San Antonio, leftists put a measure on a recent ballot that would have legalized marijuana and abortion and removed penalties for shoplifting and vandalism. That measure was defeated by voters, but it won’t be the last time Democrats try to railroad the Lone Star State. So, the governor just dropped a hammer on these liberals.

From The Hill:

A sweeping Texas bill stripping authority from cities passed the state Senate on Tuesday and is now headed to the governor’s desk.

House Bill 2127 takes large domains of municipal governing — from payday lending laws to regulations on rest breaks for construction workers to laws determining whether women can be discriminated against based on their hair — out of the hands of the state’s largely Democratic-run cities and shifts them to its Republican-controlled legislature.

Oh, you better believe Democrats are panicking over this one. Gov. Abbott just signed a bill that strips authority from cities are gives it to the state government. This bill takes large areas of municipal governing from blue cities, so they can’t ram leftist policies down Texans’ throats.

We’ve seen this happen in other states. Democrats get a foothold in a city or region. They use a small majority to ram through radical policies that erode the influence and values of the state government. Over time, this toxic influence enables Democrats to get a foothold in the state government.

It’s only a matter of time, then, before they take down entire states. It’s happened in California, New York, and Illinois. Many blue or even swing states were once strongly conservative until Democrats infiltrated major cities.

But this move ensure that liberty and traditional Texan values are respected by all cities. Even left-leaning cities like Austin won’t be able to pass sweeping laws that turn the state into Communist California.

I guess all those West Coast folks who fled to Texas might be considering a return voyage!