Ted Cruz Hints Michelle Obama Could Soon Replace Joe Biden


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has ignited speculation of the possibility of former First Lady Michelle Obama entering the 2024 presidential race to replace scandal-plague President Joe Biden.  

On his Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast, Cruz stated, “Here’s the scenario that I think is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous,” Cruz said. “In August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.”

Cruz also raised questions about President Joe Biden’s decision-making authority, suggesting that former President Barack Obama might be the real force behind the Biden administration. 

“mi,” Cruz added. “I think he is already the puppet master, behind this Biden White House, I don’t think Joe Biden is the decision maker. And so, when I see the media turning on Joe Biden right now, I think the odds of Michelle Obama parachuting in in August of 2024 have risen dramatically.” 

These remarks come in the wake of a revealing Aug. 16 poll that showed Michelle Obama leading Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup. According to the Center Square Voters’ Voice Poll, Michelle Obama secured a commanding 48% to 36% lead over the incumbent president, drawing strong support across various demographics. 

The poll results have amplified concerns within the Democratic Party regarding Biden’s electability. As reported by Radar Online, A Democratic source emphasized, “If Michelle announced, the election would go immediately from a hotly contested footrace to a landslide.” 

Cruz is not the only voice speculating about Michelle Obama potentially replacing Biden, despite the former first lady’s statements refuting claims she would run for the presidency.

During a discussion on a podcast, commentator Joe Rogan and comedian Tim Dillon, floated the idea of Michelle Obama becoming president with Kamala Harris as vice president, suggesting it could be a winning formula for the Democrats.

Adding to Biden’s challenges, another poll showed no clear winner in a hypothetical matchup between him and former President Donald Trump, underscoring the difficulties he may face in the 2024 race. 

Democratic lawmakers have also weighed in, expressing concerns about Biden’s prospects. Democratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal, Conn., and Jon Tester, Mont., acknowledged the tough fight ahead in 2024, with Blumenthal stating, “This election is going to be a fight,” and Tester highlighting worries about Biden’s poll numbers and the need for improvement.