Taylor Lorenz Goes ‘Full Alex Jones,’ Claims U.S. Sending COVID to Infect Gazans


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Washington Post “cry-bully” Taylor Lorenz claimed in a recent Twitter post that the United States had “cooked up” COVID variants and subsequently released them into the war-torn region of Gaza, according to Twitchy.

Lorenz—whose tweets are protected and visible only to her 337,500 followers—made the comments in response to an NBC article on Gazan citizens being forced to consume tainted water as a result of Israel cutting of the region’s plumbing and electricity.

Palestinians were at greater risk of contracting illnesses from drinking the standing water, which was “rife with bacteria that can lead to violent intestinal diseases, such as dysentery and cholera,” the article said.

“Covid is also expected to ‘rear its head’ in Gaza,” the article added, although scientific consensus has long posited that the respiratory ailment is an airborne illness. A highly contagious but largely nonlethal strain is currently circulating in the United States, as well.

Doctors expressed concerns that refugees seeking shelter in the south will force greater population density in a more confined area.

Lorenz sympathized with their plight, expressing her disdain for unwashed COVID deniers around the globe.

Then, without evidence, the journalist at one of the world’s premier newspapers alleged that the source of the Palestinian strain was American in origin.

“COVID is raging in Gaza, further disabling the vulnerable population there who is being slammed with variants cooked up in the USA by many people like you guys who won’t even advocate for masking in grocery stores so disabled [people] can safely purchase food,” Lorenz.

Lorenz did not clarify what Americans refusal to wear masks in the grocery store had to do with the spread of disease in the Middle East, leaving many on social media to puzzle over this unhinged free-association of leftist gripes.

“Only liberals could come up with a way to blame Americans for a virus from China that people are getting in the Palestinian territories,” said user John Hawkins.

“Is she suggesting there is a flood of Americans with COVID traveling to Gaza? Or did she just go full Alex Jones?” asked podcast host Stephen L Miller.

“I went to three different stores today,” added user Scott Harnett. “I guess I am committing Genocide in Gaza.”