Tanning Salon Owner Is Left “Disgusted” With What A Customer Did In The Tanning Bed


Tanning salons offer customers a private experience to relax and darken the color of their skin. These private tanning beds are a great place for people to unwind and do something for themselves – although it has been shown that tanning can be dangerous for people because it can increase the risk that someone develops life-threatening skin cancer in life. While most tanning salons offer a relaxing place for people to unwind, the owner of a British tanning salon realized that one customer might have relaxed a little bit too much after they urinated all over the tanning bed during their six-minute session at the salon.

The Tanning Room in Lees, Oldham, was forced to close down one of its tanning beds and give it an extremely deep clean on Thursday. The reason was that a customer had decided to drench the tanning bed in urine during their brief session at the salon.

Now, the owner of the tanning salon in Lees, Oldham, has come forward to announce that she is “truly disgusted” at having learned that the customer relieved their bladder all over the tanning bed following their six-minute session. It was not readily made clear if the customer was a male or a female. However, this was not the first time the tanning salon had to close down one of their tanning beds because a customer had urinated all over it.

According to owner Odelle Burney, her tanning salon has been forced to shut down beds five different times over the ten years the business has been in operation because customers have urinated all over the tanning beds. This problem occurs a lot more frequently than Burney ever thought it would when she first decided to become the owner of a tanning salon in her community.

Burney added that it seems that urinating on tanning beds is a “common” problem that many tanning salons face, forcing them to do the extra work to clean up the bed to ensure that it is clean and safe for the next customer. But many customers are disgusted knowing that tanning salons have problems like this.

After Burney’s tanning bed was covered with urine and her staff had to clean up the mess, she posted to Facebook about the disgusting incident, which made her tanning salon look cheap and unclean.

“Just to let you know, we know who you are, the person who has just weed on bed three!!! We have checked the CCTV, and you are truly disgusted! Anyone else found doing this in any of our sunbeds will be instantly banned from the shop. Thank you.”

The staff first realized that the tanning bed was covered with urine when they went in after the customer to clean up for the next person. However, the customer had “scuffled nicely out of the shop” before anyone could make them pay for the damage.

Burney told Manchester Evening News, “To wee on a sunbed with the electricity and high voltage is pretty crazy to me – why do people think it’s acceptable to do that?”

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